Where have all the trick-or-treaters shoe-on-ers gone?

It is 7:30 on Halloween night and we have had three groups of trick-or-treaters. What the heck is going on? It is not a particularly warm Halloween but it’s not anywhere near cold enough to snow and, anyway, we are not getting *any* kind of precipitation tonight. I can remember the beach urchins going out in snow and Lizard Breath coming home with such cold feet that I ran her a nice warm soaky bath. I definitely went out in the snow when I was a kid up in Sault Ste. Siberia and the GG remembers when he and his twin of terror would still be out trick or treating at 11 PM, ringing doorbells insistently enough to get people out of bed. No, they did not have parental supervision on those expotitions.

Duh, now that we have turned on the actual porch light, we are getting a few more kids. We have a lot of lights and lit pumpkins out there but we forgot to turn on the porch light. Still, it’s pretty quiet out there tonight. Is it because it’s a school night? Do people think we are grumpy old people? We are not! We love Halloween. Heck, the GG spent a good part of Friday carving jack-o-lanterns with his power tools. And I gleefully hand out handfuls of little packages of high fructose corn syrup in various form factors. I stole Frooggy’s orange and black bat mardi gras beads and I’m wearing my big black skeleton earrings and a beauteous piece of black/purple/silver spider web fabric to drape over my head. It matches my socks. (I retired my old aurora borealis costume this year. It’s shredded. Gotta move on.)

I hope that Halloween remains a fun holiday for kids and that trick-or-treating doesn’t die out. It is not that dangerous in my neighborhood. Parents accompany the little ones and hopefully middle/high-schoolers should have enough street sense not to hang around if someone creeps them out. And yes, I happily hand stuff out to middle and high-schoolers. They are still kids. Let ’em have fun! Now, the beauteous zombie in the photooo is not on her way out to trick-or-treat. At 23, she is heading out to meet up with friends at a barrrooom somewhere. She says that she hasn’t dressed up for Halloween in eight or 10 years. I think I lost track after the year she was a hippie, dragging around in an old flowered skirt of mine. That wouldda been about 5th grade. I think. Or was she a hipp*o* that year…

At any rate, I think we’ve maybe had five groups of trick-or-treaters total this year. Maybe next year we’ll just go “up north”. Except it’ll be a Monday. Sigh…

P.S. Elizilla, I have a *few* photooos. I’ll try to put them on Flickr tomorrow. And there is a little video on facebook. Hope that two turntables and a microphone turned out!

3 Responses to “Where have all the trick-or-treaters shoe-on-ers gone?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m still waiting for my first one–it should be soon. In a development, we generally get quite a few, but they are not always from our neighborhood! I hope it doesn’t die out either; it’s a fun tradition!

  2. jane Says:

    I was over at a friends house and we had tons of candy this year because last year we ran out even after I made an emergency run to Krogers. this year – it started REALLY slowly and got better, but still ended up with lots of left overs.

  3. l4827 Says:

    We had a rather busy night. Lots of kids. Normally not that much. Had quite a few parent types costumed up as well. One was dressed as father time – complete with flowing white beard, a staff, and green and white robes. There have been years when we had very few. Ya never really know. Most of the kids came in groups of 3 or more. Some came by themselves. Maybe the nearby road construction forced more foot traffic. Who knows how the spirits flow on a given Halloween night…….