Where am I?

I asked that as the GG woke up from a deep sleep on the way home from Somewhere in Megalopolis to The Planet Ann Arbor earlier this evening. I had actually taken a WRONG TURN! and was going SOUTH on US23 instead of north. It was an easily rectified mistake but sheesh! It is a route I have probably driven about a thousand times over the years. No, I wasn’t drunk and I am not too old to drive. Reminded me of a certain flute-testing trip to Ohio Indiana. Anyway, it was an event-packed weekend and today, we attended a wedding and baptism. That’s our nephew and his lovely new wife on the left and on the right is Grandma Joanny and her beautiful little newborn granddaughter. As much as Joanny loved bringing up all four of her boys, I think she wished for a daughter too. Life goes on and this is her second beautiful granddaughter. And things are a little fuzzy here because we’re all having a great time.


I shouldn’t admit to this but I did play a little church-type hooky during the services this afternoon. I was sitting next to my b-i-l Jim during the wedding and we managed to do a little web surfing. I hope it was unobtrusive but probably not because at one point, I dropped my iPhone and had to scrabble around under my seat to find it. You guys, I know this was rude, but The Commander will tell you that I never was a good church sitter and today I wanted to watch the Thunderchickens win another competition. That’s our nephew Little Jim’s robotics team (er, he is *not* little, he graduates from high school this spring and goes off to a prestigious college). The team won a regional in St. Louis and so they get to go on *and* their team is mentoring a smaller, less experienced inner-city team. Here’s a link to the winning round in St. Louis and here’s the Thunderchicken website. Of course we hope the Thunderchickens win the national competition (again, they won in 2006) but we are proud of them whatever happens.

But we were really there for the wedding and baptism and reception. It was beautiful and one of the best parts was meeting up with all the other crotchety old Courtois aunts and uncles (um, that would be *us*). The Beautiful Gay and I only had one knock-down, drag-out fight over a glass of wine and I managed somehow to refrain from stealing those big, sparkly red rocks she had around her wrist, so we’re doin’ pretty good there, aren’t we girlfriend? Or heck, we could duke it out at The Group Home sometime. 😈

Jenny has been a part of our family for a while now but today was our official welcome. We love her and we wish happiness and the best of luck for Dave and Jenny and their newborn daughter.

Er, I also did just a little wee bit of church text messaging with Sam the Archaeologist.

2 Responses to “Where am I?”

  1. isa Says:

    wish i had been there!!! miss you family! congratulations. i attended my “california mom”‘s bithday party today and got to play with some cute kids, and hang out with my “california family,” so that makes up for it at least a little…

  2. Sam Says:

    No thunderbolts while you were texting in church, so it had to be okay with The Spirit(s)….