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foggybottom.jpgSuper Tuesday again here. Honestly, most Tuesdays, I can kind of skip out of my class early because, as a mere auditor, I am not doing the project (sigh) and there’s really not much point in my staying around while the prof works with individual groups. Tonight, I had to stay until the bitter end. I think I would’ve died if Kate hadn’t shoved some peanuts into my hand. Um, like I don’t have enough cash on me to use a vending machine. Kee-reist. At that moment, I was kind of missing the stars-n-stripes hat guy that was in my first class over there. One day he came in an hour and a half late and loud. Drunk? High? I dunno. He kept disrupting the class and then, for a while, he quieted down but I could hear him harassing the quiet young Muslim man next to him with inappropriate questions about religion. Rambling on, he began talking about his own southern Baptist upbringing and he got a little louder again and then proclaimed that he had been Excalibur in a previous life. Yes, the sword. What did you think? And THEN, he proclaimed that he needed to leave for a while. He had been in the classroom for about 10 minutes by then. When he came back, he passed out packs of peanut M&Ms to “all of the ladies”. The boys didn’t get them. I guess they were outta luck. I never saw him after that. I thought he was entertaining but I’m sure the teacher didn’t and he definitely didn’t belong in that classroom and he didn’t return. For whatever reason. Hopefully the teacher was able to kick him out! That ain’t always easy in this day and age of entitlement for everyone for everything whether they contribute anything or not. Sorry, I’m cranky tonight. Anyway, tonight was the introductory lecture on Ruby (the computer language) and I was pretty much fascinated with it, especially after Kate gave me those peanuts and I could actually concentrate. Note to self: yes, you are right, a large amount of food before class would probably be a bad thing but a *snack* might do the trick!

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  1. Pooh Says:

    I love the photo, it looks like a water color painting. Then I looked closer and saw all the standing water — it really is a water painting. However, if that’s your lawn or road, not a good thing. We have saturated soil here also, and our neighbor over the back fence has standing water in her back yard. I’m not sure what she’s doing with her two dogs right now. Last night, the news was showing flooding in the southern part of the state, and somebody said that the last time the ground was this saturated was 1993, when the Midwest had 100-year floods.

    Regarding night classes, I found that a Clif Bar* was just about right for me when I came straight from work to a four hour class. It’s easy to pack, not too messy to eat, and better for you than most of the vending machine fare, except possibly Peanut M&Ms served to the “ladies” by such a colorful gentleman.

    *Choose your favorite brand of power bar — one time I even found a brand called “THINK”.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    When I go from work to class, I take back roads for about a mile. The standing water is along that part of my route. It was really foggy yesterday afternoon through late evening and I thought it was just gorgeous with all that standing water. My photos really don’t do the whole scene justice, plus that photo is greatly downsized for fast loading on the web. Interesting drive home through *dense* fog!