Makin’ a stink

Stopped in the schoolyard to watch The Rion at 0-skunk-30 this morning.

Swung around just to check if the dippers were still around.

Those dippers move pretty fast, don’tcha know.

Pulled a sticky leaf off the bottom of my sandal.

Went to pull one of my gloves off with my teeth — like I *usually* do — and stopped in the knick of time when I caught a whiff of dog poop next to my nose.

Clumpity-clumped into the Landfill, kicked off my sandals, and threw my gloves into the laundry.

Rattled around for a while, put my sandals back on and bumpity-clumped back outta the Landfill, into the Dogha, and over to my loverly little cube.

Settled into my loverly little cube for the day.

Sniff, sniff, what the heck is that smell?

Duuuuuhhhhh, that would be the dog poop that is *still* on my sandal. Along with another leaf or two.

Obtained some paper towels from the lunch room for a cleaning operation.

Gag reflex went into full-tilt-boogie defense mode during cleaning operation.

Stashed poopy old sandals in far corner of my cube and shluffed around the office in socks all day.

Northbound I75 SUV Speedway. Traffic light but fast. 180 miles in 2.5 hours.

Saw one cop a few miles south of West Branch.

No, he didn’t stop me.

Dinner at the Spikehorn Barrrrroooom with the Uncly Uncle.

I like Obama all right but I still don’t know what the heck a community organizer is. What the heck is a community organizer?

I think *I* was a community organizer for a while. The pay was terrible.

Oh, don’t worry. I won’t be running for prez or any other office any time soon. Or ever.

I want to hate Sarah but I don’t, exactly. But I don’t understand her. Who is she and what does she stand for? She sure isn’t much like any of the women I know. But the desperate housewives aren’t either.

I wanna be Moosezilla too! I mean I want the name.

I do not think I will watch the movie about the guy who cut his own arm off. No thank you.

It is spitting little bits of snow here at Houghton Lake.

I dunno what happened to the suburban Dee-troit boy I once married. He seems to have turned into Stormy Kromer.

5 Responses to “Makin’ a stink”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know that anything smells worse than dog poop. I would gag too!! I can’t stand Sarah, her politics, her VOICE or her aspirations. My husband likes her, so we just don’t talk about it. Sort of like the death penalty.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Sarah makes me run screaming towards the radio to TURN IT OFF, or to run screaming out of the room, telling my dear husband to TURN IT OFF, I DON’T CARE IF IT IS NPR!!!

    Yes, I realize I’m over-reacting. Maybe I’m guilty of the same thing as all of those people (GOPs) who talk about Nancy Pelosi as if she’s a witch.

    I really wish that the politicians would work as well bi-partisonally as the election judges do. We’re just trying to get every voter’s choices recorded, and we’re not calling each other names or slinging mud.

    Oops, I’m ranting on your blog, when I could be doing it on my husband’s blog. Uh, bye.

  3. jane Says:

    my issue with Sarah Palin is that I get no depth. I get nothing beyond a soundbite. and soundbites designed to create a reaction, not a conversation.

    ok, I’ll go rant on Le Marquis blog now. 😉

    oh wait – I really just need to work.

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I think dog poop and “Sarah” in the same blog post is extremely fitting!

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