So I get a little break here.

doorz1.jpgThe Commander has another one beat. Er, I guess she didn’t actually *beat* this one, Arthur C. Clarke, sci-fi writer. He was 90 and she’s only 87. She did beat Kurt Vonnegut and I forget who else. I’m beginning to actually feel like I’m synthesizing information at my work. I know this because it wakes me up in the middle of the night now. Back in the fall, when I was still a student with a very part-time job I was still dreaming about shoreline stuff (and other awful stuff I won’t ever talk about). After I started working full time, I wasn’t dreaming much at all for a while. Now i am dreaming about work. Honestly, it is better than some of the horrible stuff that invaded my dreams last fall. I would be halfway through my early morning walk before that stuff got out of my head. Onward! I feel pretty successful that both of my children have found mothers away from their birth home. Mouse’s moom in Africa and Liz’s moom/boss out there in Berkeley. Some other mooms might feel jealous about their kids forming relationships with other moom-like figures. I feel like I have done something right somehow. Against all the odds of me being not the best moom, other mooms actually love my daughters. That is pretty cool somehow. Not sure how/why. Love you girls. I am sooooo taaaarrrd of having my host service tell me that they can’t figger out why my site loads so slowly. I’ll tell all after I move and I’m in the process of doing that but both me and my new host are busy this week. We’ll get there. And then I’ll tell all some. Hey, Ol’ Boy, areya listening? ’cause this was your type of blahg entry. And against all odds, I had to drive The Indefatigable today. You don’t wanna know. It got me to work and back and I was even brave enough to take the freeway. The part that I *didn’t* like was how much play is in the steering wheel. Sigh. Kevin? Kevin? Keeeevvvvviiiiinnnnn!

4 Responses to “So I get a little break here.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Remember my old white van? Of course you do! It conveyed me to your lovely beach wedding! Well, you might not remember that it had a good quarter-turn of play in the steering wheel! Ah, history….

  2. isa Says:

    california mom i may have, yes, but you are still my mooma.

  3. Pooh Says:

    That’s not the new carpet is it? Surely Bill wouldn’t do car door repair on new carpet. Youth wants to know.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    The GG is definitely capable of doing car door repair on new carpet. As well as tracking through the room with muddy boots and any number of other messy, greasy, slimy things. But it is not new carpet. We are moving at our usual glacial pace on that. We finally got the carpet people out to do measurements last week and now we’re procrastinating about going out there to solidify our final choices, the store being in Dexter and I don’t think open at night, it ain’t easy.