Happy birthday Bubs!

beachcrew.jpgSay who? Some may be wondering. Everyone who grew up on Fin Family Moominbeach knows that Bubs is my aunt! That’s not her real name but it’s the name most of us have always called her. I probably have this story a bit bass-ackwards so somebody who knows it better, please keep me honest! Bubs was named after a friend of Grandma Margaret. Bubs’s older brother Don, who was approximately 13 at the time of her birth, may not have been crazy about that particular friend. Probably he thought she was a gossipy old biddy. Anyway, it was the old biddy herself who was the first to inform him about Bubs’s birth, as he was walking home from school if I have this right and I my not. When he first saw his baby sister, he said something like, “that’s not her name, her name is Bubs!” Somehow that stuck. I’m not sure exactly what he had in mind but that name fits Bubs in some sort of strange way. And she is married to my dear Uncle Harry and together they have been called “Bugs and Horsey” by someone who didn’t *quite* understand the names “Bubs and Harry” very well. Even though they are his grandparents. But, fer kee-reist, were *your* grandparents called something like “Bubs and Harry”?

Bubs is the much younger sister of Grandroobly, his older brother Don, and Radical Betty. That’s her in front in the pic. RB, Don, and Jack (Grandroobly) are behind her. Bubs is the mom of a few of my more frequent commenters: Pooh, Jay, and Jane. Yes, that makes them my cousins. Beloved cousins. As all of my cousins are. I will not say which birthday Bubs is celebrating this year but it does *not* have a zero in it. Bubs has the internets and I know she reads my blahg from time to time but I doubt she is a daily visitor. Like most of us MoominFin gals, Bubs is BUSY! Reading, writing, thinking, traveling, volunteering, etc., etc. Did I mention she is an *expert* gardener? With a thriving greenhouse.

Love you Bubs! Happy birthday!

3 Responses to “Happy birthday Bubs!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Love the picture – all with dark hair. Carl says Mom still makes that face.

  2. Pooh Says:

    What are the other three watching so intently? Ant Lions? Or are they just at an age where they don’t want to have their picture taken?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Actually the picture is fuzzy enough that I can’t really tell which one is Don and which is Jack. I suspect it’s just a candid and Bubs happened to be looking in the right direction.