Frooggy gits drest ‘n’ goze to a play!!! The Furriner! Grokgrok GrokGROK!

Grokgrokgrok frgok!!! Nobuddy told meeeee thare wuz a froooog in Mouse’s play! Frok grok. He wuz pritty good but he wuzzn’ as cute as li’l ol’ meeeee. Heeee didn’ hav even one li’l bit o’ perpul about th’ eyes. Like meeee. Grok grokgrok. Ol’ Baggy hid th’ keeeez t’ my flyin’ musheen so I had t’ go t’ th’ play with Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ th’ Grumpee Ol’ Growler. ‘n’ heeeee wuz ‘speshly embarissin’ cuz heee wuz warin’ a bunch o’ ol’ Stormee Kromer cloz ‘n’ hoppin’ aroun’ actin’ like a ol’ yooper er sumth’n. ‘n’ Ol Baggy wuz harumfin’ around actin’ all morty-fide about it all witch is reeeeelly stoooopid becuz Ol’ Baggy is a reeeeel yooper! GrokgrokgrokGROK!

We ate at this restyront beefor th’ play ‘n’ thar wer all theez cute li’l ol’ ladeeees eetin’ thare too. Grok grok. A lot like The Commander xcept thay wer tellin’ reeeel storeees ‘n’ thay wern’t doin’ MicMullin blindsides ‘n’ things. one o’ them wuz tellin’ a cute li’l storee about her grandotter steelin’ her rooooommates boyfrend ‘n’ goin’ t’ the arohteesee millytary ball. Ol’ Baggy wuddn’t leeve until th’ storeeee wuz dun ‘n’ then th’ li’l ol’ ladeee said, “Oh yoo noe how theez girlz liv in apartmints t’gether ‘n’ all th’ boyz come around t’ visit.” Ol’ Baggy just about snorted ‘er whine outta ‘er noze at that, o boy o boy oooo. Grokgrok Grokwejok grdok.

‘n’ then we got t’ th’ play ‘n’ ol’ Stormee, er woops, I meen th’ Grumpee Growler, gits all excited about plays ‘n’ he wuz buggin’ sum o’ Mouse’s frends sittin’ behind us in th’ oddy-ince. ‘n’ Ol’ Baggy wuz twitterin’ and playin’ sollytare on ‘er stooopid ol’ phone cuz she can’t sit still, don’tcha knoooow. Grok grok grok. ‘n’ then. ‘n’ THEN. Th’ peepul in front o’ Ol Baggy started talkin’ about Mouse ‘n’ how pritty she wuz ‘n’ thay wer wunderin’ if Mouse wuz ‘er reeeel name ‘n’ wether ‘er muvver named ‘er that!!! grokGrokgrokGROK!!! Ol’ Baggy didn’t say one werd but it wuz shure a good thing she didn’t hav eny whine thare cuz sheeee wuz laffin’ so hard, she prob’ly wudda spit it all over those pore peepul. GrokgorkGrokGROK!

Enyway, nooooowwww Ol’ Baggy is past out ‘n’ I em takin’ over ‘er stooopid ol’ blawg!!! I em typin’ with my feeeet on th’ iPad! Grokgrokgorsdk frgok GROK!!! ‘n’ wen I’m dun with th’ blawg, I’m gunna find th’ keeez t’ my flyin’ musheen! grokkkkkgrokfrgok grok!

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  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Take your riddilen!