24 Years

Hap-py An-ni-ver-sa-ry,
Hap-py An-ni-ver-sa-ry,
Hap-py An-ni-ver-sa-ry,
Haaaaap-py An-ni-ver-sa-ry

And that’s about all yer gonna git from me ’cause there’re about a brazillion people here and parties, parties, parties. Parties on the beach and parties on the deck and parties in the cabin. I spent all morning going to the grocery store and processing dishes and making lasagne and it was hotter than Hadies and just about the time I got to a space where I could take a break, Gitchee Gumee coughed up a bunch of clouds and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees (outside, not inside, it’s still frickin’ hot inside) and the wind came up and it started to spit rain.

Here’re some o’ them thar vee-lociraptors emerging outta Gitchee Gumee and you can click for more beach bum pics. They’re from yesterday when it did turn into a beach day. That is all I have today. I don’t think I could write anything more if I tried. And pizza is fine for dinner tonight as long as somebody else orders it. I’ll make the G&Ts!

Velociraptors (click for more)

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