Spam Dichotomy

Yes, this is my basement.So, can I sit down now? Maybe not. I did sit some of the day but I got a lot done too. But not everything I wanted to. But who the heck ever does?

In my new front-loading washing machine that a week ago I didn’t know I would own and had no knowledge of such things, I have washed a down comforter, a wool blanket that probably hasn’t been washed in about 30 years, and a few other random loads of laundry. [Looks around furtively, what else can I wash?] Oh, the GG is washing his sleeping bag. Goooooood idea! I have been leaving the door open when the washer is not in use on Mac’s and Webmomster’s advice and I’ll look for a little rubber sock snagger thingamajig on Jay’s advice. Of course, the dryer decided to malfunction right at this exact moment in time and when I put my first load into it this morning, I couldn’t shut the door. I suppose it was probably miffed about having to share that great grey-green greasy limpopo corner of the Landfill dungeon with a new beast. Anyway, it’s just that some little hooky thing that helps the door stay shut had wandered off. But hey, it’s okay, I can keep it closed with an old, dead computer. I knew there had to be a reason why we’re storing all that old, dead computer crap.

And then, the GG commenced to take my stove apart. It’s an old, old stove. Well, it’s not as old as the old wood stove that I remember my Grandma making pies in when I was just a little kid in the Old Cabin. But. My stove was here when we bought the Landfill. Unlike some of the other appliances that were here, I *liked* the stove. I got along with it immediately! It was probably not that new then (1984) and it is definitely not new now. One burner has been persnickety for quite a while now. If you turn it down, it doesn’t always exactly *go* down. I’m not sure we can fix this stove. It’s okay. I can live with one persnickety burner. If it goes into a general failure mode, that’ll be a different story. I have not been very much impressed with the new stoves I’ve encountered. The ones with the digital controls. My moom’s stove and the Houghton Lake stove. I am a pretty good computer geek and I can beat my way through most of that stuff if I have to but, honest to god, the old dial-oriented controllers are better. I love my stove. I won’t replace it because of one persnickety burner after 24-plus years. Stove? Please do not enter a general failure mode!

Last week was a firedrill. I moved my blahg and I dunno what else. Oh, I guess I worked. And went to the grocery store. And got gas. Sigh. This week will be crazier. But it’ll be fun. Because I’m going (with my work colleagues) to a usability conference over at WCC, which is also my school.

Love y’all. I hope that I have directed all the bad appliance/veehickle karma over here to the Landfill this week and that y’all are able to hike or ski or kayak or whatever you want to do without fussing around about your blasted washing machine. Or dryer or refrigimatator or stove or terlet or whatever.

2 Responses to “Spam Dichotomy”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    So…. with the new “High Efficiency” detergent in the house, is Froggy getting “sudsed” (haha, how punny 😛 ) more efficiently?

  2. Pengie Says:

    You know, duct tape would probably work just as well as an old computer… just stickier and more work, I guess =0