Oh, just go over there in the corner and synthesize quietly.

“Do I really have to blahg? How do all my friends find the time to blahg? How can people put their whole lives out on the Internet?” This barrage of questions came from a woman in the back of a conference room this week. Not anyone I know, actually I didn’t even see her. Full of angst! Lady, chill out and get a life. No, you don’t have to blahg. Fer Kee-reist! I don’t know how your friends find the time to blahg. Probably the same way I do. I make time. It’s a pretty big part of my life. Spill my guts onto the Internet? Um. No? Aside from the occasional slice of this or that emotion, anyway. I mean, some days are just like that.

What to blahg about? Work? Not. School. Mostly not. I did blahg about the stars-n-stripes hat guy, I haven’t told you about the DDRG yet though. One of these days, maybe. He hasn’t been in any of my classes since a few years ago but I think he’s still around the campus. Who knows where Stars-n-Stripes is. Family? Hmmm. Yes and sometimes I even have a little fun with someone or other. But I am really not in the business of making people feel bad or telling the world things people have entrusted me to keep quiet. We all have stuff we don’t want the world to know and anything you tell me in confidence stays out of my blahg. (That’s a statement of policy, I’m not solicitating closet skeletons.) Random boring blather? Yes, yes, yes! I am the best random blatherer on earth! List of all the crap on the refrigerator door? You bet! Inventory of all the trash that’s been collecting on the dining room table for the last six months? You’ve got it!

Why blahg? You’ve got me! I’ve told how it started before. Summer of 2003. Mouse and I went north to Fin Family Moominbeach without the GG and Lizard Breath for a few weeks. I hate phones so I started writing stupid little three-line blurbs about what was going on and posting crappy, unoptimized pictures. I figured I’d probably stop when we returned to The Planet Ann Arbor. By that time, a few people besides the GG and Lizard Breath were reading it. And somehow, I just kept going. I think I have actually blahgged *every* day. An exception is a week ago Wednesday. I had a good excuse. I was moving my blahg and I did warn y’all. No Internet connection? That’s no excuse. That’s just part of the challenge. Unless I am truly out in the tootlies somewhere. But that’s pretty rare and getting rarer all the time. Heck, I can even blahg from my vee-hickle if I want. I don’t have wifi there but I can use my iPhone.

Woman, you have your own mind. If you want to blahg, blahg! If you don’t want to blahg, don’t blahg. I often wish that more people I know had blahgs. But I’m not into pushing people about it. It’s a very personal decision and either you are into it or you are not. Like kayaking and skiing and walking umpteen million miles a day and vibrating columns of air and digging up old human toe bones and any of the other gazillion ways that human beings can do to occupy their time. Your choice!

3 Responses to “Oh, just go over there in the corner and synthesize quietly.”

  1. Sam Says:

    KW—thanks for the nod & memories of the ooold daze!

  2. Valdemort Says:

    Vibrating columns of air . . . sounds like fun!


  3. Webmomster Says:

    Hey, I vibrated two different diameters/lengths of “columns of air” last night for nearly 2 hours!! In front of an audience, yet!! Hee hee!!