Extra drawers and no bearings

What a day!!! Unfortunately, about 90% of everything that happened today falls into that loverly “I-can’t-blahg-about-it” category. There are so many days when I go to work and I sit in peace ticking away at whatever prodject(s) (intentionally misspelled) I’ve got going without too much interruption. Sometimes it’s almost like the long-suffering cat-herding person forgets I’m there and that can be a good thing. Today? Everybody and his special friend from Zephron III was after me. Probably the defining moment of the day was when I found myself talking to The Commander on my iPhone (love you, moom) while simultaneously problem solving over I/M with the long-suffering, cat-herding person. Yay for one-handed typing.

All I wanted to do this afternoon was come home, have some whine or something, heat up some leftover lasagna or turkey or whatever, and CRASH. But not. Well, first we had to drop the Dogha off over at Howard Cooper. The scheduled maintenance light has been on for eons and we think there might even be some kind of problem with the bearings. Or bearing. Or something. It’s okay and nobody needs to panic. The Dogha is nine years old and has 150,000 miles on it and has been virtually problem free its entire life.

That was fine. All I had to do was pick up the GG over at Howard Cooper. I didn’t even need to get out of the car. I could’ve worn pajamas or whatever. Except. We had another little expotition on our list, which was Big George appliances. I wish we could manage to at least start down a relatively straight path toward our kitchen redesign but we seem to be doing anything but. The latest boondoggle involves toying with the idea of just replacing the stove for now and continuing with the whole re-do later. The reason for that is that, one looooooverly day last March, I received a text message at work saying that a burner had blown up. Okay. My stove and I have a long, happy relationship. It was old when we bought the Landfill but I have always gotten along with it. From time to time a burner would “blow up” or whatever and the GG, who is a genius at repairing appliances, always used to be able to order an appropriate part and replace it. This time? Not so much. After the folks at Mastertech got done laughing, they told him they were sorry but they didn’t carry stove parts from the 1970s. Oh well, thought yer favo-rite blahgger, so I have a 3-burner stove for a while. We’re gonna re-do the chitchen and I’ll just live with it until then. And actually, I have been living with it very well, thank you very much. I am not cooking for a boarding house.

The GG thinks I deserve better I guess. Actually, he’s probably just tired of “cooking” his coffee water on the back left burner. Me? If I want coffee, I walk to Zinnnngerman’s at the Plum Market (or go to work). Anyway, I woman-ed up and rose to the occasion of a trip to Big George. Alas, I was underwhelmed. I mean, the stoves all seemed wonderful. It’s just that nothing jumped out at me and knocked my socks off. I have been using stoves since the Jurassic Age. All I really need is four burners and an oven. I’m not sure about these extra drawers and fifth burners and stuff. I think I would have to “test-drive” a few different stoves to figure out what might work the best for me, probably not a reasonable possibility either for me or Big George. I *am* willing to pay a little more for something that won’t disintegrate in five years, like the last couple of refrigerators I’ve owned did. But I do not need fancy.

3 Responses to “Extra drawers and no bearings”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate spending money on things that I already have and am perfectly satisfied with, old as they are. That includes all major appliances. I don’t need fancy, nor do I want to try to figure out a bunch of new gadgets. I sound like I’m 100 years old, don’t I? Sorry about the crazy day. Some are just like that. 😉

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Do you have natural gas available? Cuz, boy, a gas stove is absolutely wonderful. Mine (that was John’s before I met him) is only two burners and then a grill. Even though it sounds kind of cool, I never use the grill part because it’s such a pain in the butt and impossible to clean, so I live with 2 burners. I do look forward to a day when I can have four! (And it’ll be gas! Probably propane on Harstine).

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Oh! And John looked into replacing the grill part of the stove with two more burners, but you can’t buy the parts for a 1985 stove, either!