Kayak Woman gets dressed    Froggy gits drest!

Uh, Froggy? The title of this post is Kayak Woman gets dressed.

Grok grok grok! Yoo ol’ bag! This post is Froggy gits drest! Grok goked frgodk!

Nooooooooo. It is Kayak Woman gets dressed!

Grok grok! Stoopid Ol’ Baggy!   Froggy   gits drest! Grok goked frgodk!

Kayak Woman!   Froggy   Kayak Woman!   Froggy  




Sorry. I’ll be back in a minute. Froggy, you get into your “londry baskit” RIGHT NOW!!!! And don’t come out. This is MYYYYYY blahg!!!!


[hoppity hoppity]   Grok grok grok Halp!!! hic-grok   [floppity floopity ker-floomp hic-grok]

Okay. Whew! I’m back. Sorry about that. Let’s try this again. Kayak Woman gets dressed:

  • Tights (DKNY): Whatever material they are. Black. Good for long underwear and wore them later for bizcaz.
  • Leggings (JC Penney or wherever I can get ’em): Cotton/spandex. Black. The kids hate when I wear these. Sorry, I don’t do jeans.
  • Leggings (hand-knit by Mouse): Wool. Burgundy. My favo-rite color in sixth grade.
  • Turtleneck (Chicos): Silk blend. Red. This was also part of my bizcaz outfit later.
  • Hoodie (REI): Polartech. Black. Wish I had bought about five of these.
  • Scarf (made by me in the Jurassic Age): Wool. Red Stewart tartan plaid.
  • Ski jacket (Columbia, purchased at Barishes in Sault Ste. Siberia): Whatever they make those things outta. Pink w/ black trim. Only wore the outer shell. Left the inner part on the hanger.
  • Bomber hat (thought it was Mad Bomber but maybe not): Various materials. Black with silver hologram-type sequins. The Commander bought me this one at Barishes in Sault Ste. Siberia! 😉
  • Winter “tennis shoes” (LL Bean): Warm snowboot-type materials. Mainly black.
  • Glubs (Meijer or KMart or Woldemort or someplace): synthetic knit. I dunno what color, I grab whatever is there and if they don’t match, they don’t match. Two glubs layered on each hand.

A Yooper Checklist, as a facebook friend/high school comrade of mine termed it. Seven degrees (F) this morning with blustery winds. For the most part, I REFUSE to quote windchill temps! Kee-reist! It is cold and wind makes it colder. Layer up!!! I was warm this morning!

Uhhhh, does anybody else have a FROG???? If not, do you WANT ONE? If you have one, do you want ANOTHER ONE?

5 Responses to “Kayak Woman gets dressed    Froggy gits drest!

  1. Frooggy Says:

    Grok grok grok frgok! Froggy gits drest!! Grok-hic grok.

    Babushka!!! A niiiice greeeeen stripey one!
    Sekint hed o’ hair. I kin chooz frum hot pink or nee-on greeeeen.
    Harry Potter glasses. Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ I found those warshed up on th’ ol’ moominbeach.
    Nostril rings. Got those at th’ skoolteechers’ ga-ratch-kee sale last summer.
    Mardy graw beads! GROK GROK FRGOK! All kinza col’rs fer evry seezon. GROOK GROK! Th’ big greeeeeeen St. Paddy’s Day lips are my favo-rites. Ol’ Baggy gits thoz at ol’ Woldemort.
    Deeeely-bobbers. Hey! Psssst. Tell Ol’ Baggy I neeeed sum Santy Klos deeeeely-bobbers. Theez Hallyween jakky lanterns ‘r’ gittin’ kinda out-dated…

    Grok grok grok rkog grodko!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Dear KW,

    Please, for the love of Pete, do not give Frooggy away to a family that already has a froog! Are you ready to be a grand-moom to tadpoles??!!

  3. Marquis Says:

    Looking over your laundry list, I can only assume that Kayak Women goes commando?

  4. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Hmmmmmm. Good point Pooh. And besides Froggy is irreplacable.
    Probably like deeeeely-bobbers, whatever they are.
    Froggy could take a vacation out here, but I think Froggy is scheming about a trip north to visit the Green Guy.
    Or perhaps to New Orleans for the original mardy graw beads in February.
    Never know what a Frooog has planned.. . Our frogs sing in March, so maybe Frooooooooog could come visit then.

  5. Frooggy Says:

    Grok grok. Yeah, Ol’ Baggy duz go commando frum time t’ time. But I syspect that she just duzznt wanna tawk about ‘er baggy ol’ undieware. Grok grok grok frogok!