If you are looking for interesting content or sparkling commentary, go, oh, I dunno, someplace like I can haz cheezburger, maybe?

Actually, I have nothing against I can haz cheezburger. It can be funny. I even had it on my RSS feed for a short time. For me, it was an interesting idea but it quickly became too much (MUCH too much). Kind of like those old-skool email forwards from the 1990s. Remember them? And all those memes and apps on facebook et al. I’ll be generous and say that 5% of those are interesting and/or funny. The rest? I do not have time.

My internet habits are shifting a bit these days. For a while I was reading a lot of blahgs. Now, I’m starting to feel it’s getting a bit like I can haz cheezburger. I mean *my* RSS feed, not blahgs in general. Keep on blahgging, y’all! But I’m doing some pruning. if I *know* you in real life I definitely read your blahg (if I know it exists). That includes people like Margaret and Agate Gal. I have never met them in person but they are my friends. There are a few other folks more or less in that category along with some really good parenting-type blahggers that I mostly lurk on. I might comment more often but they are at a different stage of parenting than I am and, if I were them, I wouldn’t want a bunch of baggy old advice. And/or they get so many comments that I would just get lost in the shuffle. Or p*ss somebody off via carelessly chosen words. And then there are the quilt blahgs et al. I love those but I can’t keep up. I don’t know the blahggers (except through their blahgs) and I am not actively doing much with my fabric stash hoard, so I just start feeling guilty.

I am [finally] getting used to reading news on line. I still get the two day per week paper version of what replaced the old Ann Arbor Snooze but I haven’t read it for about the last three weeks. I’m keeping hoarding newspapers for faaarrrrr starter. This is a hard shift to make, even for a non-Luddite like me. And it’s not finished yet. iPhone apps are helping.

It is Thursday and it was one of “those” days. You know the kind. By 8:00 AM, I felt like I had been up for about 12 hours already. I didn’t have time to make a lunch because, at the end of my skunk walk, I actually got into a conversation with a neighbor and could not get away. She had walked her middle-schooler to the Forsythe bus and was going on and on (and on and on) about her Pi-Hi senior and his sports achievements and how he was only applying to big-*ss colleges and blah-de-blah-de. It was mostly a one-sided conversation and that’s okay. Really. But then, I was meeting MMCB for coffee at Barry’s this morning and that neighborly little convo ended up leaving me with NO TIME to scrabble a lunch together, so I had to dash off and forage for a lunch at Whole Foods. Which didn’t give me a chance to take a lunch-time walk. Again. And then, on the way home, I had to sit in the left turn lane at the N. Maple/Jackson light for FIVE cycles because of an accident that, although it wasn’t in my path, managed to bollix up the whole Westgate area.

Yes. Good day! And, by the way, if you are getting out of a vee-hickle on a city street, please *look* before you open your door. Or Mama Bear will be growling and flexing her jaws.

Good night! I am actually taking tomorrow afternoon off to do something besides schlep up the I75 SUV Speedway, so light off some bottle rockets or whatever. I hope I manage to get some things done! Ciao bambinos!

7 Responses to “If you are looking for interesting content or sparkling commentary, go, oh, I dunno, someplace like I can haz cheezburger, maybe?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Bollix: THERE’S a good word! Haven’t come across it in a while….

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Radical Betty used to use it and, actually, it was in a NYT xword a while back but I think they spelled it differently. Another shift in Internet activity. I am warming up my brain most mornings by doing the xword on my phone.

  3. Sam Says:

    Aha! I’ve gotten hooked (lately) on the WashPost Mega Sudoku, especially the Sunday one…. Crosswords tend to flummox me after a certain point.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Thank you for considering me a friend! Same here. Thursday is the longest day of the week, as far as I’m concerned. Especially today.

  5. Frooggy Says:

    Thursday is the longest day of the week for me. Or maybe hardest or most unfocused would describe it better (for me). Wasn’t very productive at work yesterday either.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Oops, that was me, not Frooggy. He lives the life of Riley.

  7. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I’m still reading blogs, but not as many as I used to (mostly because there aren’t as MANY of them as there used to be). I sure haven’t been so good about keeping mine up, though!