Because youth wants to know…

and because I am the epitome of lame-osity today… *This* is a Pyramid Peg Measure. It is myyyyy Pyramid Peg Measure. I mean the silver thing in front of the beauteous “Peace” gift bag (not the cute owly). If you have ever been to the Moomincabin (or the Landfill), you have probably encountered a Pyramid Peg Measure just like this one. In fact, if you are ever served a cocktail at the moomincabin, check carefully before you take a drink because the Pyramid Peg Measure that resides there sometimes harbors loverly dead bugs.

My Pyramid Peg Measure went missing for a while. It was entirely the fault of yer favo-rite blahgger. We went to a Courtois family party sometime over the summer. I forget exactly what the occasion was. A post-memorial party or maybe a graduation party. There are usually a lot of people at Courtois parties and there is wonderful food and beer and whine and of course, I always try to contribute some food or at least some whine. I also need to haul a wee bit of bourbon and vermouth for the GG. Aaannnddd… Because I am meeeee, I usually haul my fave red corkscrew and my Pyramid Peg Measure to these events. And I almost always manage to leave one or the other of those things at the party. Which is okay because I always get these things back eventually.

So, I left my Pyramid Peg Measure at a party last summer and that time, it kind of got lost in the shuffle for a while. Kind of like my social security card, which the Great Lake State DMV for some bizarre reason thinks I need to have to renew my driver’s license next month. I know it’s in my house. It WAS in the safe deposit box. But I emptied the safe deposit box at one point. *Probably* because I needed my social security card when I started my job? Maybe? At any rate, I’m sure it’s somewhere in my house but I’ll be derned if I can figger out where. So. I KNOW about this kind of thing!

I wasn’t worried. I knew that my Pyramid Peg Measure would return to me someday. But this also got me thinking. Why the heck don’t I buy another Pyramid Peg Measure? Or two or three or twelve? I could use a back-up here at the Landfill and it would be nice to have one at Houghton Lake and I could hand them out to all the in-laws at the next Christmas party. And the beach urchins are old enough to legally indulge in a cocktail or two. On an occasional basis, don’tcha know. So. Where did this Pyramid Peg Measure come from? The Commander gave it to me as a gift sometime back in the Jurassic Age. Alas. She couldn’t *exactly* remember where she purchased it. Petoskey, she thought. But which store? Cutler’s maybe? That would make sense. But I could not find one at Cutler’s. So I went on the internet… I searched high and low. It was this search that led to the term Pyramid Peg Measure. Before that, I think I just called it a shot glass. Alas, a Pyramid Peg Measure just like miiiine was not to be found. The closest thing I could find had a little base on the bottom of it. Sorry, but that just wasn’t quite the right form factor.

The Prodigal Pyramid Peg Measure has returned home. I knew it would but I was truly unsuspecting when I received it at the Courtois Christmas party last Saturday and I was much more ecstatic about the whole thing than any person oughtta be about getting an old shot glass back. And yes, I know that Prodigal is stretching it a bit. I know that my Pyramid Peg Measure wasn’t gallivanting around spending its inheritance!

6 Responses to “Because youth wants to know…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I could not for the life of me figure out pyramid peg measure until you identified it as a shot glass. hee hee

  2. Paulette Says:

    Ok. So I looked pyramid peg measure up yesterday. Had to….I was trying to figure out what the heck it was. They were all shiny stainless steel, with no patina. Seems to me, you must have patina on any peg measure worth its contents! Barb M. has one that I saw just the other night. It was a different sort with the graduated levels and all, but when you place it on top of a bourbon glass, the bottom opens up. It was her father’s. Ah…the accoutrements of imbibing…

  3. jane Says:

    Paulette – while I agree that a patina would add a certain…. something (because I can’t spell ‘je ne se quoi’ (sp??), I would say ‘let’s create our own patina!!!’ I, for one, am up to task. I will contribute whatever oils happen to be on my hand at cocktail hour, including leftover sun screen!

    when do we start?

  4. laurie Says:

    ah i have one of those. mine is glass. no bugs, but a little residual whiskey odor.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Jane, you were very close. C’est “Je ne sais quoi”, n’est ce pas? Maybe they need to make a pyramid peg-leg measure with a lanyard or a sierra cup style handle, so you could perambulate with it. Dresses with beer-pockets and pyro-peg handles — what will they think of next?

  6. Paulette Says:

    I, too, am up to adding patina. We start immediatement! I am on the lookout for a peg measure. Pooh, the lanyard idea makes sense. Anyone have any boondoggle? Do the youth have a grasp on boondoggle?