Things that go crash-crunch in the night.

More drywall coming down, what else? Anyway, it wasn’t really night any more, it was a few minutes before my alarm went off. What the heck, after the awful dreams the commotion had interrupted, I decided to just get up and get going. I’ll spare you the details. I dunno about you but it drives me a little crazy when people try to tell me their dreams. I can’t even sort out my *own* dreams half the time let alone follow someone else’s. These weren’t prescient dreams, I don’t think. The old Celtic sixth sense has been pretty dormant for a while now and I guess that’s a good thing because I still have to forcibly knock 2006 out of my system sometimes. But now it’s 2008 and it’s Super Tuesday again and it’s gonna be a long day.

Speaking of crash-crunch, that theme continued as I was taking my walk and some guy came out and got into his vee-hickle. There was a crunched up old garbage can right smack in front of it and I couldn’t help but think something like, if there was a garbage can right smack in front of my vee-hickle, I would either a) move it before getting into said vee-hickle and driving off or b) back up a bit and drive *around* it. Did he do either of those things? No. As I stood in the middle of the street watching him in horrified fascination, he got into his vee-hickle and drove *over* the garbage can.

And finally, this has probably been all over the internet by now, so if 15 people have already sent you the link, I apologize, ’cause I hate forwards and the like as much as y’all do. I’m sorry but I’ve seen it all. But I can’t resist, so just click. It’s just a video of a raccoon reaching through a cat door and stealing a floor mat. In case 15 people *have* already sent you the link. Hi ho. And I can do without anymore crash-crunch toady today, thank you very much.

2 Responses to “Things that go crash-crunch in the night.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for link; I got quite a giggle out of it! Furry critters and all that….

  2. kkfin Says:

    *sigh*. The downside to travelling on business is that I have the wunnerful-wunnerful corporate-issued ‘puting deeeeeevice that has all this built in security and “don’ts”. Like *don’t* look at videos. *Don’t* do IMs with anyone outside the corporate network. Etc. So I just have to remain sadly out-of-the-loop on the amusing furry critters or whatever on your youtube link 🙁 .

    In better news, though, I got called in for the “drug test”. Um, sorry, but the boss-man knew I was going to be in Canada this week, so I can’t go in tomorrow to get this done… Monday ok? Yes!

    So……………. I’m excited!!!