Wretched Excess, episode #18387.343

My vintage MacBook (January 2007) is getting pretty rickety and slodgy and there has been mailing tape holding parts of it together for years now. I have been thinking about replacing it with a newer one for about the last six months or so. But, yaknow? It is really just kind of humming along nicely, if slodgily. I have replaced the power cord but I have NOT HAD TO REPLACE THE ORIGINAL BATTERY!!! My beloved 12″ G4 Powerbook (that I had pre-MacBook)? Three batteries. And I *loved* that old thing more than I love my MacBook. Go figger. (Yeah, I know. The MacBook is looking for my attention since I bought the iPhone and got my work laptop, etc., because inanimate objects do have feelings. Roight?)

Anyway, the GG (bless his heart) doesn’t feel like Christmas is Christmas unless he buys me something expensive, no matter how much I try to protest. I will tell him something like, “Oh, just buy me some YakTrax (so I don’t break my neck out there on the un-de-iced neighborhood sidewalks) and a new Moosewood Cookbook (since my old one is literally disintegrating). I got both of those things and more and… an iPad??? Say what? I am told that, at some point, I actually told him that I wouldn’t turn one down. (Whose whine, what whine, where the hell did I dine?) It’s okay. (errrr….) I WILL LIVE!!!

Well. At least he didn’t buy me himself a vacuum cleaner, eh?

And he did NOT spend the day in his long underwear. I caught him in those when I came back from my 0-dark-30 skunk walk this morning and I harped at him about wearing them in front of his mother-in-law (who probably wouldn’t have cared).

It was a long, fun day with presents and eggs benny (shoutout to The Beautiful Becky aka the New Stormy Kromer’s wife) and a wee bit o’ Christmas whine at two o’clock and Goose/Karl (shoutout), who stopped by and helped drink a bit of beer.

Missing some folks here. @ bigbandboyinthesky (my brother who used to always email me dog photos (and uglies) on xmas and harass the GG about hanging around in his underwear), @ grandroobly (my dad…), and @ radicalbetty (my beloved aunt who almost cannot be described, she really had to be experienced).

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,
Kayak Woman

5 Responses to “Wretched Excess, episode #18387.343”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Merry Christmas to all… And to all a good night. We have silent movies for tonight here at the cabin. The Internet archive of silent films is excellent.http://www.archive.org/

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m jealous about the ipad! I would like one too, but my husband would never be able to pick one out. 😉 We are missing some people around here too, like my MIL but having a good time in spite of the negatives going on right now. My dad got those YakTrax; he has a tendency to slip on ice while getting his newspaper at a horrendously early hour of the AM. It sounds like your Christmas is going swimmingly.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Someday I think I’d really like an iPad — I THINK! I still haven’t seen one in real life, and I’d like to touch one (and type on it) before I decide it would be for me. But then, I have a hunch once I made that contact I’d probably be a goner.

  4. Karen F. Says:

    Yup, the GB Fins were/are missing the aforementioned “@”s deeply. Esp bigbandboyinthesky…. been feeling awfully Bah Humbuggish for a couple weeks, and now that The Day is over, feeling a bit better about Life, The Universe, and Everything.

    Agreed that @ radicalbetty was definitely a personality to be experienced – trying to find the words to describe her (and not startle anyone 😉 ) is impossible! She was definitely one of my role models for learning how to cope after @ bigbandboy went inthesky.

    @ grandroobly was another difficult to describe (then again, as @ radicalbetty’s big bro’….), and I miss the banter between him & @ b.b.b.i.t.s.

  5. jcburns Says:

    Glad you’ve joined the ranks of the Pad People. I never felt more Star Trek: the Next Generation as when I had TÊo (sammy’s name for ours) in a conference room with TV news people gathered around and I was making with the pinching and the pulling and saying “here’s what we’re gonna do.”