Sparkly old woman comin’ through

Well. So. Today, the party was right here at your favo-rite blahgger’s house, aka The Landfill. I think that the youngest person at this party was 21. That would be the gorgeous Pengo Janetto. And thanks to John for serving as the token boy. We could use a few more o’ those around here, at least on an occasional basis. I mean besides dogz, as much as I love Ernie and Alfred. That’s what The Commander said, anyway. Or maybe it was G’ma Joyce? Or Bubs? Probably not Bubs. Well. I suppose I could go hang out in the shipping channel in my kayak and pick some boyz up off of the salties? Or not? Okay, I’ll shaddup. I would like to tell y’all about some of the rather bizarre things that happened at this mostly sedate party but, since most of them fall into the category of “I-can’t-blahg-about-that”, I cannot. Someday I may be able to tell. Hee hee snort.

What I can tell about is the wonderful scarves that The Commander made for us all for Christmas. She is an accomplished seamstress from way back when and she made a whole box full of scarves to hand out as gifts. She sewed them by hand. She’ll tell you a long story about how her serger (it’s a special type of sewing machine) wasn’t working quite right, so she had to handsew yada yada yada. But who the heck cares? She did a beautiful, professional job. Some of these scarves were made from gorgeous subdued rust and blue-gray fabrics. Beautiful and bizcazable. And then there are those made from sparkly flashy polyester (or whatever), like in the photooooo. Yer favo-rite blahgger got first pick on Christmas morning and she wasted no time on hanging that sparkly thing around her neck, even while admiring the others. The interesting phenomenon was that everyone else chose the same sparkly flashy fabric as yer favo-rite baggy old Kayak Woman! And most of these women are closer to The Commander’s age than yer favo-rite blahgger. Who the heck cares about bizcaz, anyway? I think by the end of the night, The Commander had run out of scarves and was taking orders for more. And that is a good thing. Etsy, maybe?

It was a loverly party and I wish we could do it every day. G’night, KW!

3 Responses to “Sparkly old woman comin’ through”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    That’s a BEAUTIFUL scarf! I’ve never been much of a scarf-wearer, but I could go for something sparkly like that!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love the sparkly scarf!! It sounds like a wonderful time. 🙂

  3. jane Says:

    as always, a lovely time at the landfill! thanks for hosting a gathering of friends and family. 😉