Whaddya mean, I have mucus on my shirt?

Looking for Mommy, a Baby Story from 1986

I’ve known Master Doug my whole life and I like him for a babysitter. We do whatever I want to do and he brought me a big plastic blow-up globe and he even let me put bobby pins all over his hair.

But this is getting a little old, so I think I’ll get him to help me go look for my mommy.

Hmmm, my dad wears these gloves to go outside, so I’ll give them to Doug to wear. And, let me think about what else he’s wearing. He’s got the same kind of sweater on that my dad wears, so I guess he doesn’t need anything else. Now I’ll get him to help me get my jacket and my hat and my mittens and my boots on.

Next we need my mommy’s keys. The keys to her little gold car. And we need to put my new globe in a big grocery bag so we can take it with us. That’s important.

Oh good, we’re outside and he’s putting me in my car seat. And now he’s getting into my mommy’s seat. I don’t know if he knows how to drive mommy’s little gold car. I know just how to drive it but mommy never lets me drive. I’ll hand him the keys and then I’ll point at the ignition and that’ll show him what he’s supposed to do.

Except he doesn’t quite seem to get it and we’ve been sitting here for a while now. I think maybe we’ll have to walk. And we can’t forget to take my globe with us ’cause that’s important.

We’ll just walk down to the corner here. Uh-oh, we’re at the curb now and I don’t go down the curb by myself. I’ll just stand here and wait and Doug’ll figure out that we need to go across the street.

We finally got across the street and we didn’t find my mommy, we just found some old drunk guy with a dog. I guess I’m tired of all this walking around so maybe we better go home now. I sure hope my mommy doesn’t forget to come home.

The End.

One Response to “Whaddya mean, I have mucus on my shirt?”

  1. isa Says:

    man, was i ever on top of it for a 2-year-old.