I go to a shower for my niece and I get all the loot!

First and foremost, I didn’t think I was gonna post any shower pics. It was pretty dark and I’m in a phase where I hate flash photos. Most of the pics I got were uglies (my photography, not the people) or dark or blurry or whatever. I wasn’t trying too hard today. I was having more fun hanging out with my sils and nieces, et al, which is what I was there for. And I really don’t *want* to have people scurry away when I show up with my camera, et al. Yikes, there she is with that blasted camera again. She’s gonna put me on the web! Eek! But I sorta liked this pic, it shows the energy of the event, so I hope it’s okay. There’s Susie opening a gift and mom Kathy behind her and Sheila recording the gift. I know those on the west coast will want to have some documentation of the event. The only problem is that it doesn’t include Sally who had an integral role in the whole gift opening thing.

Anyway, my other pic is of some of the wonderful loot that *I* came home with! Sheesh! Black Thumb Banana was chompin’ at the bit about the little alyssum planter kit, so I *reluctantly* let her go and plant it. I HOPE she remembers to water it and stuff. You’d think she could handle something that small. I heard her mumbling around about square-foot gardening just yesterday. And I *love* the grocery bag. It fits right in with my bags from TJ’s and the Plum. I got to pick my own and I picked one with reptilian stuff.

Yeek! I haven’t actually explained any of this stuff yet! It was our beautiful niece Susie’s wedding shower. She’s marrying Mike, who is a mathematics phd and will be a professor here at the U of M starting next fall. They’ve known each other since high school. The shower was a great time and Gay and Kelly were there and Becky and her girls. And all of Susie’s sisters, of course! And about a billion other people. My favorite part of these things is hanging out with my sils et al but I did enjoy watching Susie open her loot. But, as I watched, I couldn’t help thinking something like, “when you are 50-something, you should have a *reverse* shower and get rid of all your, uh, well, crap!” Don’t get me wrong folks, I am a woman who has recently spent an un-godly amount of money outfitting her own college student daughter’s apartment. And ENJOYED THE HECK OUT OF IT! (Er, Mouse, did we buy you a teakettle? I can’t believe I can’t remember that!) And prob’ly nobody would want my old crap anyway.

Life is strange and that is all. Except love to Susie and Mike and Datura.

It was a gorgeous day. This morning, the GG and I did our “urban hike” down around the Huron River Barton Dam area. I took pictures and I’ll bore you with them later this week when I’m too stressed out to do a real post. People always note that driving from The Planet Ann Arbor over to Northern Megalopolis is long. It was 54.4 miles going over and 54.6 coming home. Yeah, that’s a distance. But I love to drive and the roads were dry and I enjoyed the heck out of being *alone* in my vee-hickle for that space of time.

2 Responses to “I go to a shower for my niece and I get all the loot!”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    That is actually a very nice picture of Susie, Sheila and I. I’m glad that it was dark because you can’t tell how awful my hair looked today. You also caught Mike’s sister in the background. I just met Maria for the first time today and I think that Susie is one lucky lady to have found such a great man to marry and one with a terriffic family too. Thank you for posting the picture. I’m glad that you had a good time.

  2. renee courtois Says:

    thanks for posting the picture! i promise that if Liz and i ever do anything exciting/noteworthy in California, we’ll post something (somewhere) promptly so you Michiganders, in turn, don’t have to feel left out either. 😉