Oh, I don’t mean the person in the photoooo. I mean yer favo-rite blahgger. Yes. It is a dumpy, slodgy sort of day and I have been in a post holiday funk for most of it. I even begged off a lunch date with the Commander, the GG, and Bugs & Horsey. I stayed here and grazed on leftovers. Threw out a bunch of old food too. It is bad of me to say this when so many people are starving right here in our own loverly country but good riddance!

And then I turned my attention to the Landfill Dungeon. While I have the California beach urchin home, it seemed like as good a time as any to get her to sort through some of her stuff. We have made only a small dent but anything is better than nothing. So, we are getting rid of a box of old shoes. Aaaaannnnddd… Then. Cases and cases and boxes and boxes of mix CDs! Remember when all the kids hauled big CD cases around? Some of these are labeled and some of them are, well, not. And some of them have beautiful marker art on them, making them hard to part with. A nostalgia trip ensued and there she is in the photooo sorting and ripping (is that what you call it?) and taking photos of some of the funnier CDs and posting them on the Internet. I am going to be conscientious about disposing of all these CDs and send them to a CD recycling outfit. Because they are not needed in California. I hear they have their own music out there. Some of it is pretty darn good, so they say.

The photooo also includes a gratuitous view of the infamous Green Couch. It’s Its [sheesh] claim to fame is that every member of the Courtois family has been sick on it. Including yer favo-rite blahgger, a few times.

It may be a dumpy day here at the Landfill but My Dear Uncle Harry had a wondrous little adventure in the early morning hours. You see, we had a bit of freezing rain overnight and all of the sidewalks and most of the streets were coated with a glaze of ice this morning. And MDUH, whose house is on a wooded lot, has had a deer living under his deck. Yes, really. This morning, that deer decided to die. MDUH’s walkway was coated with ice but there was some snow just to the side of it that was soft enough so as to be not very slippery. But the ice on the walkway made a perfect surface for dragging a dead deer. So MDUH walked in the snow and dragged the deer down the walkway to the service drive (that’s kind of like a fancy alley) from where the garbage folks or whoever will pick it up. My Monday Coffee Buddy will be envious of MDUH about this because she lives outside the city limits and, when a deer died in her yard a few years ago, she had to call Acme Hauling or somebody to come and get the deer and that turned into a rather complicated adventure that she was NOT happy about and I got to hear all about it and I have been friends with MMCB for about a billion years and I would NOT want to be on the wrong side of a customer service issue from MMCB. Being on the other side of a table at Barry Bagel’s Bagels (I dunno what it is with me and extraneous apostrophes today) from MMCB I can handle. If that made any sense.

All right, already. It’s (“It is”, got it right, yay!) high time I got myself un-dumpified!

3 Responses to “Dumpy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I want our kids to go through their stuff too! Ashley did when she “moved” back but Alison really needs to do so. Instead she is on her laptop or off seeing movies with friends. Good luck with the undumplifying. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    I just heard about the deer a few days ago (still living). It had crawled under the porch to rest. Apparently it had a problem with one of its legs. Too bad it didn’t make it, but a Michigan winter would be hard to survive if you are not in top shape.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Dan and I are working on his room. I got all of the clothes sorted into “keep”, “donate”, and “Eww, pitch” piles. Dan worked, and occasionally tripped nostalgically, on art supplies and art projects, and I’m not sure what else. Still a long way to go, though, and it SEEMS like he’s only home every other day. He keeps saying, “oh, I wish I’d put this in the yellow truck last summer.” Uh, me too, Dan.