It’s Sam I Am, I Like That Sam, We Do Not Eat Green Eggs and Ham. Or Do We?

Sam and Kayak Woman powerbooking with Nick looking on, pic by jcb (click for more)

Yesterday we (me, the GG and Mouse) headed over to Sam the archaeologist’s cabin. Mouse and the GG stayed through the afternoon and I stayed overnight and today Sam and jcb drove me home. Uh, home being the shores of Gitchee Gumee. The Planet Ann Arbor is in a couple days. Sam hung around here while jcb made a trip to Canada. Ohmigosh! I am too tired to blahg about it much!

The terrain around Sam’s cabin is not at all like what we have here on Gitchee Gumee, but the feeling is somehow the same. It is a bunch of land without a whole bunch of cabins (houses) chockablock. You guys, can we please send some real-estate developers to Mars or Jupiter or someplace? They are just bad. I am sorry. Like I said, I am tired.

The weekend was filled with (not necessarily in order and definitely forgetting some things) walking, swimming in L. Manistique, flinging leeches up onto Sam’s beach to die (Sam did that, I was just a leetle bit squeamish), rain, thunder, poison ivy, cleaning our feet with alcohol, drinking wine (speaking of alcohol), lupine, outhouses, eating all kinds of stuff including potato chips, washing our hair in L. Superior, members of the danaus plexippus species doing their business, french fries from the Newberry McDonald’s, treadle sewing machines, digital cameras, checking email and blahgging (or trying to in my case) from a waaarrrless connection that I will not disclose, a beach fire at Sam’s neighbor’s, southwest winds, northwest winds, outhouses. What am I forgetting???

THANK YOU jcb!!! For fixing some of the issues my powerbook has been having!

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