It’s Thursday, so we’ll talk about something besides my incredibly exciting life…

I don’t really know how I can follow an act like Alexandria (see yesterday’s entry). It isn’t too often that I get to welcome a beautiful newborn baby into the world on my blog. Thanks to her parents for sharing!

This is Thursday and Thursday is often my worst day for finding something to write about. I know that I do not have to blahg every day but it has become part of my life and also The Commander will wonder if I am still alive if I do not blahg 😉 (Er, not exactly, but that excellent woman has been known to call if my blahg doesn’t appear sometime during a given 24-hour period and ask, “Where is your blog?”) For whatever reason, I do have to blahg every day. If I get too boring (and I know I do because sometimes I even bore myself), put me on sleep or whatever.

So, the photoooo. The Twinz of Terror and Joanne (not sure of spelling), their hiking friend from last weekend. When the GG and I first starting hiking the North Country Trail in Michigan’s UP, the trails were not *always* very well groomed or marked. We had a 1990s style GPS that helped us get out of a few little snags here and there but it wasn’t always easy. Nowadays, there is a very active chapter of the North Country Trail Association that regularly grooms and marks the trails in the UP. These folks are VOLUNTEERS! The GG is one of them. I guess you could say that I am one of them too. Except… I have not participated in a scheduled hike in years. Not since I sold my soul to corporate America a few years ago (er, not that I am unhappy about that at this point).

I love to hike and I love the NCT Association folks and I have hiked with them before but, at this time in my life I just do not [usually] have the time for the hiking format required by group hikes. If we take a rocket trip to the UP for a weekend and get up there Friday night (after my work day) and I spend all day Saturday hiking, that means that I have less time to spend with The Commander or checking out Fin Family Moominbeach or whatever, and then we have to head back home on Sunday. So, I don’t usually participate in NCT hikes these days but I am happy to be spending my life with a guy who loves the UP enough to join a hiking organization up there, not to mention that he probably gets along with my mother better than I do. And that he comes with a twin. Who *also* seems to get along with my mother better than I do… Love you guys and thanks!

3 Responses to “It’s Thursday, so we’ll talk about something besides my incredibly exciting life…”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Thursday and nothing to Blog about?! Have you not heard that life is changing for millions of us including Brian Williams? Do you not know that the Earth is off its rocker and that millions of people will have to get their tattoos replaced because . . . The Zodiac Signs under which we all were born and follow our HorribleScopes with have CHANGED because of the Earth’s position to the other planets. And!!! . . . there are 13 Signs! . . . And I may no longer be a Capricorn–but I feel as though I will always be one!


  2. l4827 Says:

    That must be Bill because of his hat.


  3. Margaret Says:

    I got along better with my husband’s mom than he did. She loved to talk and that drove him nuts. (my mom also has that issue!) I inherited more of my dad’s quiet genes. 😉 I love to hike too and there are many wonderful places to do so near me.