It’s daylight in the swamp!

Actually, it is high water in the swamp this year. Click here or on the pic for a few more. This pic of [I-fergit-what-it-is] is a little washed out after photo optimization, etc. The contrast between the red twigs and green leaves are much more vibrant on an early morning walk along the road next to the swamp.

Home again. Work tomorrow. A weekend of Walmart and Home Depot trips. Er, I got *another* funky colored lamp. I gave my “extra” one to Mouse for her sophomore year in college but I got used to having two of those dern things in my “back room” while she was in Africa so, now that I’ve given my “extra” one back to Mouse for her apartment, I’ve missed it. So now I have one. They’re only $20, so fer Kee-reist!

Where was I? Oh yeah, we ate and drank and walked and hung around on the internet and watched chick flicks on TV, thanks to The Beautiful Gay. “27 Dresses” anyone? And what the heck *was* the name of the one we watched Friday night where the blasted princess came out of the Disney cartoon world and up through a New York sewer? I loved that one!

The weekend was marred by the startling euthanization of the beautiful little filly Eight Belles minutes after she came in second in the Kentucky Derby. We’ve been watching the derby for years. I don’t ever bet. I don’t do casinos either. I hate gambling. I always pick my horse by its name, not by its betting odds. I can do that since I don’t put up money. Sometimes I actually “win”. Mostly I don’t though. I don’t care. But this was a different derby with a twist that I bet has never happened before, at least not in such a dramatic way. It was probably for the best. Horses (and some people I’ve known) live to be in motion. Rest in peace, Eight Belles.

Anyway, construction season hasn’t hit in full force and we got home in less than three hours today and I wasn’t even speeding most of the time.

Love y’all,
Yer favorite blahhhhhhhhhger, Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “It’s daylight in the swamp!”

  1. jane Says:

    Oh Anne. of course you can pick your horse by name – even if you ARE betting! I’ve been to the Derby twice and I placed my bets using a highly scientific method which utilized a combination of the horse’s name and the color of the silks (the shirts they wear). although truthfully, sometimes it was just based on the silks. I liked the design, I placed a bet.

    There are 7 or 8 races prior to the Derby so I had plenty of opportunity. did it work? not much, but hey – it’s all a gamble.

    very sad that Eight Belles had to be put down.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I happened to turn on the T.V just as they were getting ready run the Derby. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when they announced that they had to put Eight Belles down. A sad situation that is for sure. As for the movie”Enchanted” – that is a cute movie. I happen to own a copy of that one along with a lot of other Disney movies. I use the excuse that I am a grandma so I have to have these movies in the house but I find myself watching them and the kids are off doing something else. I’ll have to rent 27 Dresses. I haven’t seen that yet. Glad you had a nice weekend up North. We couldn’t go, but I cleaned a room (yes, just one) so I was happy. (I could have done more but I was watching 101 Dalmations with Datura.) Started on room #2 today but it will take all week. Or more. By the way, nice frog with wings.

  3. Sam Says:

    1) Daylight in the swamp—one of my Dad’s favorite phrases…. Thanks!
    2) Red osier dogwood, I think, in the picture.
    3) Funky colored (multi-branched?) light; I was thinking about getting one for the cabin….
    4) Movies; we watched “Helvetica.” jcb regales with his impressions…. I thought it was a bit stereotyped (hahaha).
    5) Derby: too, too sad for words.
    6) Construction is making traffic jams in these parts, too.
    7) Luv ya back, KW! I’m off for a quick morning walk!