Celebrating No Politics Day here in the Great White North

I [usually] like to try to be cagey and not announce No Politics Day My Birthday on my blahg. But even though facebook didn’t announce it this year (I don’t think), some people figured it out. Or knew it. Either because they are related to me or have known me since the Jurassic Age. So the cat got outta the bag and this particular cat is a bit like a cat I once knew named Muksaslooie and I am not even gonna attempt to try to get him back in the bag. So HBTM. I have received best wishes via the phone and text message and email and facebook and twitter and various blahgs. And The Beautiful Chelsea baked a most excellent 2-layer chocolate cake! Thank you all. I love you!

I believe that you should do whatever you want to on your birthday. I don’t mean that you should use it as an occasion to rob the neighborhood liquor store or to be arrogant or selfish or mean or hurtful to others and I don’t *necessarily* mean you should slack. Like, if my birthday falls on a work day, I go to work! But today it did not and I have done just about whatever I wanted to. I got up and took a nice long walk “around” the point in the dark. Like I always do when I am at the cFam Group Home @ Houghton Lake. I cooked a blueberry pancake breakfast for five. The Twinz of Terror and I skied 6.5 miles at Beaver Creek, after which the Uncly Uncle headed north to his new home in Gaylord and the GG and I rattled around Houghton Lake area. We stopped at our fave Best Choice market for more dinner supplies and checked out some of the usual local points of interest like the Muskegon River dam and the Lake James area. It was cold today and although I was plenty warm while skiing, I got so chilled afterward that I indulged in a nice hot shower this afternoon, my second one today. That did the trick. And now I am sitting here with a leetle wee glass of whine, even though The Beautiful Gay is not here to have one with me. The Beautiful Chelsea was painting but not sure where she went and a couple of people of the male persuasion are asnore on the couch.

The GG has been hounding me about what I want for my birthday for the last couple weeks. I keep reminding him that I sent him a whole list of stuff for xmas (which he also kept hounding me about) and he didn’t *get* me all of that stuff for xmas. Which is OK!!! Because I do not need or want any more stuff! But I figure that means he has a ready-made birthday list, roight? Roight. But he is STILL asking me. He asked me several times yesterday afternoon! I said to The Beautiful Chelsea, “Even if I *did* want anything for my birthday, it wouldn’t be something that you could procure in the Houghton Lake area at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon in mid-January.”

So… What do I want for my birthday? I want for all of *you* to be safe, healthy, and happy and have a wonderful day!

Kayak Woman

P.S. How old am I? Well. Hem hem. I am three years younger than my loverly “cuzzint” The Grinch!

11 Responses to “Celebrating No Politics Day here in the Great White North”

  1. Sam Says:

    Okeydokey, KW, I’ll work on the “safe, healthy, and happy” charge you’ve presented! And, HB!

  2. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Hippy Birthuday!! !
    Glad you got to go skiing.
    Here’s a toast to your health and happiness throughout the year, and thanks for your good wishes too.

  3. l4827 Says:


    Here’s a toast to your happiness the whole year through!

  4. Jay Says:

    Happy Birthday, from a younger cuzzint (one of only two – at least on that side of the family).

  5. Paulette Says:

    I love the lanterns in your photo of your 8th birthday celebration. The cake looks scrumptious even after decades! Did the Commander make it? Glad that you had a wonderful day. I celebrated my birthday this year by going to the Rudyard Coop feed store for 800 lbs. of corn for the deer. At 14 dollars per 100 lbs, the corn for deer feeding is an indulgence that makes us happy. We had 12 deer here tonight! I love the old time feed stores. They have an antique wooden grain mill there that is worth a visit, and a very large cat, their mouser!

  6. Jan Miller Says:

    Happy Birthday Anne, it sounds like you had a fun day! We celebrated with our neighbor who’s birthday was today. We had great ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. I’m sure your Mom made that beautiful cake in your picture! Yum!
    Love Jan

  7. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday!! If FB doesn’t tell me, I’m not very aware of birthdays. It sounds good, except for the nagging about presents. I would rather have the gift of time and attention, rather than an actual gift. Those are difficult to pick out for me!

  8. Pooh Says:

    I know the Marquis already wished you a HB on his blog, but here are many happy wishes from me. The curmedgeon in me wishes to remind the “one of two younger cuzzints” on the Fin side, that there are technically FOUR younger Fin cuzzints, at least until May and July roll around!

  9. Frooggy Says:

    Grok grok! Ol’ Baggy can’t count! Thare ar onlee seven kandels on that ol’ cake. Grok grok!

  10. Jay Says:

    I am soooooo sorry. I have always lumped the three of you together. You were the group, the crowd, and all the same age. Still are near as I can tell.

  11. Pooh Says:

    Hey, what can I say, when I made that comment I was wearing my good or evil sister T-shirt. Guess I can’t claim good, right now.