Yes, those are lawn darts! Weren’t we responsible parents?

Great photographers too, eh? I’m engaged in an on-again-off-again, rather amoeba-like project to scan old photos. Ours. The Commander’s. I make progress in haphazard fits and starts. I totally forgot about this picture but it just cracks me up. I’m guessing this was the summer before the lizard’s fourth birthday. It’s definitely up at Houghton Lake. In an odd way, it has just a tinge of Marilyn Monroe to it, even though it’s just a grimy little munchkin. (Of course, it’s the sunglasses.) If it were a higher-res pic and I could zoom in on the face, I’m sure there’d be some sort of jam or other grime on it. I think about half the pictures I have of this little beach urchin feature a dirty face. Yes, I was a gooood mooom.

If you expect anything coherent outta me today, you aren’t likely to get it. Because of the part of the development cycle my little job is currently in, I didn’t have a lot of hot and heavy stuff to do this week but I’m a pretty resourceful person when I need to be, so I spent every bit of so-called down time edumacating myself and trying to get ahead of the game. And I have finally synthesized enough thousands of little pieces of information from umpteen million sources that I am about ready to start striding rather than tip-toeing. I shouldn’t’ve said that. I’ve prob’ly just shot myself in the foot!

We had a fire alarm go off today. Apparently, the alarm is right over my cube and it was so loud it physically hurt. We have such a benign sort of building that no one seemed to know what to do at first. No smoke or anything, at least anywhere near me. Not like the EPA where there are so many highly flammable substances around that you GET OUT when the alarm goes off. I finally grabbed my brain MacBook and my car keys and my purse (with my iPhone in it) and headed out. Turned out it wasn’t a drill. Exactly. Burned microwave popcorn had set an alarm off. No fire but it automatically called the fire department and they had to be called to cancel, which probably incurs a fee. Meanwhile, a frat house downtown was in the process of burning to the ground or whatever. Not sure that’s such a loss (no one was hurt) except that it’s a historic building. And I won’t go into the latest prom news. All I have to say is that one of my beach urchins didn’t go near the prom. The other one went and she even asked for a fancier vee-hickle than what she usually drove at that time. Yes, I said. You can drive my Honda Accord so your dress doesn’t get stuck on one of the huge rust holes in The Indefatigable. Limousine? Party bus? I mean, I know prom limos have been around for a while, but a party bus? Say what?

Y’all have got better things to do than read my disorganized, half-hearted rant. So go do ’em.

Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “Yes, those are lawn darts! Weren’t we responsible parents?”

  1. GG Says:

    Tip-toe, through the tulips, with meeeeee…

  2. Marquis Says:

    What no helmets?

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    That building that Marilyn is standing in front of does not look familiar to me because it is too clean and it is not sinking into the ground. I do remember the “jarts” though – I think that is what that game was called. Grandpa Garth really liked lawn games. After all, he was the “Washer Champion” in Wawatosa! All of the kids had fun playing with that lawn game and yes, we were all good parents. Somehow, we all survived childhood. Amazing…

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I always like to say the kids turned out okay despite whatever I tried to beat into their brains and I think the building is the neighbor’s house.

    And OMG! *Now* I seem to be married to Tiny Tim! Yeek!