Swamp Fox

I do not know why I didn’t notice it *before* I went for my walk this morning but when I walked into the kitchen *after* my walk, my hyper-sensitive nose started bleeping like crazy! Bad smell! Funky odor! What died in here? Weirdly enough “no one” else seemed to notice it. And Mouse, who *would* have noticed it, wasn’t up yet, so we know who “no one” is, right? 😉 It wasn’t the garbage, that was already safe out at the curb in its A2cart or whatever that thingamajig is.

On top of that, two (count ’em) vee-hickles needed the help of a repair person today. Jim, areya readin’ this somewhere? If so, the green honda encountered a razor blade the other day — in the street, it wasn’t deliberately slashed, just a freak accident — and subsequently received new tires. The Indefatigable, at 14 years of age, just has issues. It goes around town just fine if you remember to keep track of how many miles you’ve driven since the last fill-up. But tomorrow it needs to pull a trailer to kzoo. So. The guys at A2 Muffler were glad to see their old buddy today. (Uh, the jeep, not necessarily the GG.) So, that’s the vee-hickle scoop, for those who care, whichever side of life they are on.

I did have to dispense with a dead rodent. Don’t worry, I took my glasses off so I wouldn’t have to look at the decomposing body and I boiled the tongs I used to dredge it out from under the sink. And I also hosed out the A2cart thingamajig, not because of the rodent, just because it stank to high heaven. There were some tense moments this morning as the normally vee-hickle-abundant Courtois family debated how to get who where when and how.

Horrible smells are gone. The green honda is home with new tires. The Indefatigable is (I think) ready to go tomorrow. With the trailer. Running lights? Hmmm. Everybody got where they had to go today. My school friend Sandy (yes kids, I do have school friends) was kind enough to drive me home from our breakfast meeting.

It is hot and humid here. There was a good rainstorm. There were a few too many people around here today. It gets like this in southeast Michigan in the middle of the summer. There is always a day when I am just about jumping out of my skin. There’ll be a day in about February, or maybe November, when I’ll miss this. It is swampy here. Gitchee Gumee is too many miles away. I love it here anyway.

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