Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who trespass against us

Snooowwwww. Yes. The prediction? A couple inches of snow mixing to freezing rain with a quarter inch accumulation of ice. Well. How about ten inches of snow? It snowed all day yesterday and we never did get anything resembling freezing rain, so I knew I would be shoveling this morning. I didn’t quite envision the ten inches of snow that we got. Kee-reist! I am an old Yooper and I am damned if I am gonna buy a snowblower but, man, that stuff was heavy. When I saw Marsha out there blowing all of the sidewalks on her side of our block, I was a bit heartened. She usually does both sides of the street on our block and I was hopeful that she would do *my* little bit of sidewalk. Alas. She was heading across the street to do our sidewalks when her snowblower ran outta gas! Oh well, love you anyway, Marsha. I shoveled for going on two hours. And cleaned up vee-hickles. And helped get a neighbor’s vee-hickle out of being stuck. I had headed outside with three car keys in my pocketses this morning and started up three vee-hickles to warm them up, so I could eventually brush huge cubes of snow off of them. Yes, I was channeling Grandroobly and The Engineer this morning. Or maybe I’m just a dern Yooper.

Landfill status: GG had President’s Day off, since he is one o’ them thar slackers (not) over at That Darn EPA. KW worked from home. Ninja’s performance taaarrrrs do not do 8-10 inches of snow. Mouse went to work. Daisy does do snow pretty well. Ninja, not so much. Ninja is looooverly on dry pavement.

My California beach urchin went x-c skiing at Tahoe over the weekend. Up a mountain and down a mountain, not the typical Great Lake State skiing she grew up with. My kid skis better than she thinks she does. Encountering a moom with small children along the way, she mentioned that one of the kids didn’t even have ski poles. Well. That’s because most kids do not *need* ski poles. I will never forget the time that we were skiing at the Ski Ranch and I was out on the 5K loop with Mouse and it seemed like *forever* and I had all four of our ski poles in my right hand and I was holding hands with Mouse with my left. The GG and Liz were way ahead of us and I was questioning my sanity in taking a four-year-old out on such a long trail. We were slodging silently along when she said, “Mom, I’ve been thinking about volcanoes too much.” Volcanoes? Okay… I think we talked that out. To be honest, when I was a kid, I worried about volcanoes too.

3 Responses to “Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who trespass against us”

  1. isa Says:

    Actually, I remember skiing without poles. I mostly noticed because it made me realize how young that kiddo was!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I saw all sorts of snow blowers in NYC today when I was leaving! We’re supposed to get snow this week too; hoping for nothing serious. 🙂

  3. jane Says:

    yes – a lot more snow than expected, but my Honda Accord busts right thru those big piles! (fingers crossed). and then this morning the front car door was completely frozen shut. got the back door open and was brushing off the additional snow and managed to get the other front door open so my climb into the drivers seat was not quite so convoluted. luckily I was able to get it open by the time I got to the dealer for scheduled maintenance…. because that would just be too embarassing.