Ark-ark! Ark-ark!

I love you guys but I may have slightly over-stated my case yesterday. I really do *not* think that Knight’s Steakhouse is at the risk of demise at the hands of a brownfield developer. I guess I inserted a little unnecessary hyperbole into that post. I am trying to figure out whether I will really miss all of the raggle-taggle little businesses on that corner. The ones that I don’t patronize. And whether I will like what comes in. And the traffic that it brings. With the new Spaceship High coming in to the north of us, we are all wondering how our relatively sleepy little neighborhood will change. Will I still be able to make a left turn out of my neighborhood onto a major four-lane street in a matter of minutes without (usually) risking life and limb? And maybe Aldi’s will come in and be successful but what about the spec shops that the developer is proposing to put in front of it? I just do not know. I don’t have the energy to be an activist this time. In any case, I’ve never been a successful one. I don’t have the right personality. And I’m not even sure what I think about this particular development. It doesn’t equal the Ganzhorn Grab in any way, shape, or form. Don’t ask me about all the high-rise apartments they keep building (and talking about building) downtown here. Foreclosure crisis? Build MORE? I just don’t get it.

It looks like I will be on The Planet for 4th of July weekend and the 4th is Friday so I have it off. So, I hereby declare that any Regenstreifs and/or GB Fins are welcome to come downover here for some sort of barbecue. We have a wedding on Saturday and others are doing other things. But the 4th is open. Whaddy’all say?

And Valdemort, we’ll have to get everyone downover here for Knight’s sometime soon. Or maybe *you* could just visit. But I will *not* let you drive afterwards! So bring your sleeping bag or your dogsled or whatever 😉

It is hot. I am not ready for the heat. Did I mention humid? And yes, we have central air. Installed it a couple years ago. But we have hardly even been able to open the doors and windows yet this year and I want those *open* now, not closed. So there. And, oh yeah. I have two more poison ivy pustules or whatever they are. But that seems to be all. Knock on wood. G’night! KW

One Response to “Ark-ark! Ark-ark!”

  1. Bob Says:

    All readers of this post are welcome to come to Chris and Dr. Kelli Courtois’s house on the 4th. They live at ground zero + 300′ for the Clawson fireworks. This includes Bill, Anne and Regenstreifs and/or GB Fins
    501 Park St.

    He has a gate that opens into the park. Bring your own food. Get there early for parking and partying.