I hab a code id by dose but I do dot hab idfluedza

Yes. I wedt to work today add I coughed add sdeezed add blew by dose. But I dod’t hab a feber add todight we walked ober to Ziggerbad’s Roadhouse for didder. It was really good add I habd’t beed dere before ebed though it’s beed aroud for like fibe or ted years or whateber. I lib udder a rock! I had da low cuttry boil add Da GG had sub kide o’ ribs add Bouse had fadcy bacarodi add cheese. Add we all had sub driks add Bouse didd’t ebed get carded. ‘course she deber seebs to get carded. I cad’t figger out why. I was still gettig carded whed I was forty-subthig. It was really expedsib too. I liked it but I thik Kdight’s will still be our go-to restaraut. But it was fud add I had all kides o’ edergy for jubpig ober all da sdowbaks da plows left behide id the biddle of da streets eberywhere. Add ruddig to catch up wid da GG add Bouse whed I got behide because I was takig beeyooteeus pictures. Like dis wud.

Add I ab still bad at Chico’s because da sprig collectiod is out. It doesd’t hab as much beige but it has a lot of taupe. Dis is dot ad ibprovebet. I deed sub COLOR!!! PLEASE!

Good-dight! Lub y’all. -KW.


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