I dunno. Maybe it would help if I re-a-started my iPhone more often…

I love my iPhone. We were pretty early adopters here, although I resisted for the first few months. But the writing was on the wall. It was 2007. Our contract was up on our old-skool clamshell Motorola phones. And the GG had LOST his months earlier, in front of The Ark, of all places. Always an Apple aficianado (think Apple II+ in 1979), when the iPhone was announced, the GG seemed actually excited about having a cell phone for the first time ever. Always before, it was just an extra unnecessary expense. He grudgingly agreed with my decision to get a cell phone and then our first daughter got her driver’s license and… Still, he held out. A guy like the GG can almost always figure out how to fix a broken automotive vee-hickle enough to get it off the blasted freeway. Me? Not so much? One of my main reasons for wanting one (and wanting my daughters to have them). Yeah, I know that that the current issue is what age to give your kid a phone. Twelve? Nine? Five? Say what?

Anyway, it was at the end of summer 2007, when the iPhone was first sold, that the GG somehow managed to drag me to the Briarwood Mall Apple Store to look at iPhones. I was reluctant. I was still in denial about the whole thing and it was raining cats and dogs that day. But I went. And then… I spent something like maybe 10 seconds fussing around with an iPhone and a few minutes later, we were walking out of the store with two iPhones and a $1200 charge on our debit card. Impulsive? Cha-ching!!!

I didn’t have ANY time to play around with my new phone that night. I was getting ready for a trip to the Great White North with Uber Kayak Woman and I spent the next morning slodging around through an absolute deluge helping Mouse do errands for her impending study-abroad session in Senegal. And then, I drove over to Metro, picked up Uber Kayak Woman and drove north.

When I got up there, I stood in the Moomincabin, where there is no wifi and, by gosh, I was able to post an actual blahg entry FROM MY PHONE! Cue Thus Spake Zarathustra!

That was my first iPhone. We replaced those with the 3G or whatever it is a while back. We aren’t in any hurry to get the latest and greatest. When it’s the right time for *us* to buy, we will. The thing is that 95% of the time, I use my phone for everything BUT phone calls. My preferred methods of direct communication to a particular person are text message and email. Phone calls have always been hard for me and I am only prepared to answer them now if I am expecting them. It does help that the iPhone (and other phones do too, I know) has built in caller ID technology.

Alas. All of those rumors you hear are right. The phone itself is pretty dern crappy. That is okay 95% of the time. The other 5% is when I have to call The Commander. She has an iPhone and a landline (I do not, anymore). The Commander does not have particularly good hearing but it isn’t any worse than a lot of people *my* age. But that, added to the interference that seems to be constantly on my iPhone, makes it so hard to talk sometimes.

Make no mistake. The Comm is pretty darn good at bludgeoning her way through many of the functions of the iPhone. She reads the New York Times on her phone and uses the camera and sends text messages (yay!) and I forget what else. But she and I need to *talk* on the phone sometimes. Hear each others’ voices. It is harder than heck when she can’t hear me because there is interference on the “line” (or whatever it is) between us.

One Response to “I dunno. Maybe it would help if I re-a-started my iPhone more often…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Now that Verizon has iPhones, maybe that will be better. Their service is great. I have trouble hearing cell to cell and usually have the kids call me back on the land line. It was the same with Ashley in Africa. I will have my new netbook toy soon; we’ll see how that goes! Hopefully not just another frustration. 😉