Quick update. Or maybe not. Quick, that is.

For anyone who cares, we are home here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Flirted with severe storms and tornado warnings all the way down. Lots of storm spotters out and about as well as people on motorcycles (?) and bicycles (???). Rain and high winds caught up with us briefly in Stockbridge. We drove out of it again and managed to get home and get the dirty old green Honda Accord unpacked just before the skies opened up again. We’re on the edge of the severe stuff here, just lots of rain and thunder, etc. Apparently we pretty narrowly missed a tornado near Lansing. Rocky weekend weatherwise.

Also want to apologize for the last entry, which started out to be a humorous piece about what it’s like to geek around with us cranky old empty nesters and our frog and all of our loopy technological devices. Somehow it turned into ridicule of Houghton Lake area residents and businesses. Don’t know where it went wrong but it fell far short of the original goal. I *love* the Houghton Lake area and one of the reasons is because it *doesn’t* have Borders et al at every major interchange. And I often miss our moldy old cabin that was slowly sinking into the ground. I’m not gonna remove the post. It can serve as a reminder to me to engage my brain before writing and not hit the Publish button too soon.

Pooh, that old library had lions too, which I think I remember climbing on. And I guess I’ll have to read Horatio Hornblower one of these days. After all, it was my grandfather’s book. Maybe on the beach? Oh yeah. I don’t get to spend more than a few measly days at the beach this summer. Onward!

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  1. GG Says:

    The Horatio Hornblower books are from Pauline Willson.