Off Call

I got the call a little after five yesterday afternoon as I was walking across the Haisley School parking lot. My Celtic Sixth Sense had me kind of expecting that it would come while I was walking. I didn’t recognize the number but the area code was 810, which includes Grand Blanc. And I was right. It was Janet, calling to tell me her Grandfather, Hu, had died. He was also Karen’s dad, Karen being my sister-in-law, for anyone who may not be sure who Janet is. It was not a surprise. His health had not been great for many years and it took turn for the worse in the last few weeks. I did not know Hu very well. On occasion, a holiday or family celebration would bring us together with Karen’s family but just as often, we would be with other relatives or out of town or whatever. So goes life. Karen’s blahg has a picture and an obit. The kids in the pic belong to Karen’s brother.

Karen and her family have been on a vigil all week and I have been on call just waiting for news. I have been on call a lot in the last year. I have received some pretty horrifying calls and some of the ones I missed, usually because I was totally crashed out with exhaustion, were even worse. Like, when I woke up one morning and found a missed call from the Henry Ford Hoosegow ICU. Etc.

Janet said that Hu’s death was peaceful. I’m sure that was a relief to his family and I hope he is resting peacefully over on the other side or wherever. Maybe now we can all have a chance to just be off call for a while? Okay?

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