Bag-snagger desperately needed at mile market marker 47!

No, I do not text while driving. Unless I am crawling along at 4mph. Actually, I don’t even do it then. Actually, texting while driving is illegal here in the Great Lake State now. Uh, I have been known to take a picture while driving. This morning? I wasn’t driving and we were not crawling. The GG was driving and we were bumpity-clumping along at a high rate of speed heading north when I spotted a huge ripped up plastic bag stuck in a tree on the right side of the road.

Whenever I see a ripped up plastic bag hanging out in a tree next to the freeway I think, “Get a bag-snagger, quick!” Years and years ago, I read a fascinating article in the New Yorker about a couple of guys who went around retrieving plastic bags out of trees. A lot of them were reduced to tattered pieces of plastic, like the one I saw today. Others had all kinds of wondrous goodies in them. I’ll leave that to your imagination. Five years ago, I drove to the beauteous city of Daytwa almost every day throughout the month of February. My dad was incarcerated in the Henry Ford Hoosegow having his smashed pelvis reconstructed and my moom was living in an apartment on the hoosegow campus for the duration. When she wasn’t sleeping on a chair in his room. I was their lifeline to the outside world during that time. And every day, I would get to, oh I dunno exactly what mile marker it was, 22 maybe? on M14, and there was this huge ripped up plastic bag hanging out with a couple of trees on the right side of the freeway and I would say, “Bag-snagger needed!” I said it to myself because I was almost always the only person in the car.

We were not planning to travel this weekend. Eco Car is going on at the EPA this weekend and I figgered the GG would be working and I would be moom-alone. Turned out that the GG didn’t actually need to go into work today. The Lord of Linden and The Beautiful Kathy arrived at Houghton Lake yesterday. We saw their van on the HL webcam while we were at the Old Town Barrrroom last night and we made a snap decision to get up early and head north today. And so, here we are. It is beautiful here, as you see by the big sheets of ice that have pushed their way up the seawall. The lake is still frozen solid but it will thaw within the next couple weeks.

We are also watching — with somewhat subdued horror — the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan. Looking out on our own beautiful frozen Houghton Lake makes us feel secure. Sort of…

Love you all,
Kayak Woman

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