Caesium (CS), atomic number 55, 55 protons/electrons, 58 neutrons, alkali metal

Or is “cesium” the preferred spelling? I prefer caesium. I used to love to draw diagrams of atoms (seems like I mentioned this just a week or two ago…). Protons and neutrons in the nucleus with little orbiting electrons. I don’t think we ever got anywhere near atomic number 55. I don’t think we ever got much past atomic number 8 or so.

Anyway. I am not going to talk about caesium today. I don’t really know that much about caesium but that’s not why, exactly. I’m not going to talk about caesium today (or anything much else) because I am on *overload* today! News overload, that is. I can’t process Japan. It kind of reminds me of that computer game, The Sims. I’ve never played it but I think we had it on one of our old Apple desktops and I can remember the Beach Urchins playing it with the Rogoski kids one ugly, rainy Christmas vacation. And I think I can remember that there were crying noises of some sort when billions of people were killed. I can’t do anything to help Japan, except for send money, I suppose. Talking about it doesn’t do much to help. We can’t prevent earthquakes or tsunamis from happening. Horrific? Yes. But Japan will get back on its feet. I know I sound callous but, really, there’s not much a taarrrred old baggy old kayak woman here in the Great Lake State can do besides keep on slodging on.

What else? When’s the last time any news came out of Lybia Libya? The news out of the middle-East has taken a back seat to the news out of Japan. Horrific bus crashes. National politics? State politics? Government shutdown? Union busting? Tax the rich? Tax the poor? Tax credits to corporations? Cut education spending (again)? Cut the earned income credit? I dunno. Spin it this way. Spin it that way. My head is spinning with the inflammatory rhetoric on all sides. Sometimes I feel like we are all chasing our tails. I want all sides to sit down and pick these issues apart to find some common ground and some sort of vision for the future. Talk to each other as people. I know that’s not going to happen. Today, news stories were repetitive (at best) or depressing (choked back tears listening to a National Petroleum Radio story in the Dogha this afternoon about Japanese folks finding (or not) relatives). I am done. For today anyway.

4 Responses to “Caesium (CS), atomic number 55, 55 protons/electrons, 58 neutrons, alkali metal”

  1. isa Says:

    Love you mama.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can’t watch too much of any coverage or read too much news or I get overloaded with sadness, anger, frustration and a whole lot of NEGATIVE energy. Where are the problem solvers? What’s happened to the creative thinkers? We’re in a whole lot of caca right now!

  3. l4827 Says:

    Well we’re off to protest on Wednesday in Lansing. Symbolic for sure hopefully some effect. What is happing there, with the EFM legislation, is not right and definitely not how democracy works.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I’ll be sending some psychic energy towards Lansing tomorrow too. Can’t believe that EFM is the mandate the voters thought they were sending.