Hmmm, empty frog juice container. A visit from Alfonso the watermelon, perhaps?

I know y’all do not want to hear me kvetch about website widgets and blahg content et al. Y’all are doing a great job with blahgging and I am steering off into the weird. So I’ll kvetch about an even longer-term pet peeve. Telephonic conversation. Especially the unexpected kind. You know, or maybe you don’t. You are sitting there day-dreaming about quantum or string theory (I know I am dating myself here) and you are just on the verge of a flash of insight about the inner workings of the universe. What started it all. Who is sitting up there controlling things. Except. Bbbbrrrrrrrinnnnggg! Oh #%*&, it’s the blasted phone. I wonder who died! (Knock on wood bigtime here!)

Given the interesting telephonic news I received at around noon today, I mean news *about* the phone, not news from the phone, exactly, I did get it from my iPhone but it was email and text message, not a phone call. Hmmm, that sentence definitely got away from me. Anyway. I seem to feel like it’s necessary once a year or so to try to route people away from calling me, *especially* on my landline, so I guess this is it.

Once again. I do *not* do well with telephonic conversation. It isn’t (usually) because I don’t like you. I mean, there *are* a few people in the world that I don’t like, but anyone in that category is probably not reading this. If you are *in* that category, you probably *know* who you are. But I don’t do well with bells and alarms that jolt me out of whatever current batch of soup is simmering along in my brain. You wouldn’t want to interrupt me from unlocking the workings of the universe, now would you?

Okay, I am obviously grossly overstating the case. Albert Einstein I am not. There are times when phones are very necessary and I greatly appreciate that they exist. I even have one or two or three or four or… But if you really want to get hold of me, hit the “email me” link over there on the right. Or call my cell phone. If you don’t know my cell number, hit the “email me” link over there and ask for it. If I know you or we have business to do, I’ll give it to you.

Love y’all! Seriously! 🙂 Kayak Woman.

5 Responses to “Hmmm, empty frog juice container. A visit from Alfonso the watermelon, perhaps?”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    So… I am confuzzled… the news *about* the phone, in specific. Was it news about the current state of your landline that came over your iPhone (working, not working, never will work again)? … or is the “news about the phone” the story about its noise jangling you out of unraveling the mystery of the universe/blahgiverse?

  2. Pooh Says:

    Br-ring, BR-RING! i stumble to the phone. “Mom, it’s Dave. You didn’t answer your cell phone.”
    “That’s b/c I forgot I had to pick you up, and I’d already gone to bed. Let me get dressed and i’ll come get you.”


  3. kayak woman Says:

    Er, the news *about* the phone was that the phone didn’t seem to be working. We were trying to call mouse to ask if the contractor had shown up. She wasn’t picking up either her cell phone or the landline. Her cell phone had discharged overnight and the landline wasn’t ringing at all.

    The universe/blahgiverse? Don’t take me tooooooo seriously. 😉

  4. fran Says:

    Yee – Gods!!! blahg!!!

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    time to can the landline…..