Spring break at the beach

I took this photooo (and apped it, yes) yesterday morning. It was seven degrees. Or it may have been up to 11 by then. I’m not sure. But there was NO wind and I was able to actually stand there on the beach and look around and take photooos and videos and stuff without freezing to death. Even when I took my glubs off.

Today? Well. The view was the same but a pretty stiff wind was blowing in off the big lake. When I wasn’t thinking about how to stay warm, I was thinking about how big the waves would be coming down outta Lake Superior onto our beach if the bay wasn’t filled with ice. So. Cold? Yessirree! Any thoughts we may have had about walking the beach were pretty much squelched in favor of the Dogha’s warmth. We spent about 20 seconds on the beach today. I did not take my glubs off.

We made a contingency plan to try to walk all of the power canal bridges this afternoon. Seven, I think. But we’ll do that another day. Instead, my cuzzint, the mean old grunchie old Grinchie, finally showed up and we spent a wonderful afternoon with him, ending in a homemade pizza dinner with whine, etc. And then the Grinch fluttered off to another social engagement and we are here winding down, poised to head back down south tomorrow.

Y’all do *not* let me forget to pack Bob’s bread!

Good night. The north shall rise again. -KW


2 Responses to “Spring break at the beach”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love pizza although I would prefer beer with it. Too bad it’s so cold. We’re having some icky weather too, although not super cold.

  2. Sam Says:

    Glubs are an excellent weather index. Kudos! (And I luv the spelling!)