tick tick tick tick boooooooom

Well, kee-reist! Question: “Do you know where your husband is?” Answer: “Yes, he’s at my mother’s house.” Sheesh.

So, the Marquis (Maquis?) asked the question on his blahg a while back (you’d have to scroll back), “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” My answer is “yes”! But it’s because of my own blasted blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears, believe me), not because of anything the government has done, which is what the question is really asking. Sorry, I’m not very political in general and I’m not crazy about a lot of things the current government is doing, but I generally like to keep my own ill-informed political opinions off my blahg. Plus, the government pays the GG’s salary. Hello! He makes a considerably larger amount of money than I do.

Anyway, the auto industry is finally in the craphole or whatever. My brother, once a GM engineer, is probably turning cartwheels wherever he is. I’m sure he can do cartwheels there. I don’t think he ever did them on earth. There was a small window of time when *I* could. I’m sure I’d just fall on my head if I tried one now. Anyway. I remember when he used to enthusiastically buy big GM twuks, etc. And then the last few years of his life, he had a change of heart (except for one cute little white twuk that was hanging out on the back lot with no air in the tires, et al). When I was looking for a new vee-hickle, a sedan, I was thinking about the Ford Taurus. Surprisingly, he steered me towards the Honda Accord. Of all things! I couldn’t believe it. But he’d had enough of The Big Three. That was 2001, he died in 2005, and I still have the Dirty Old Green Honda Accord and I still love it 110K miles later. I didn’t keep either of my Chrysler minivans that long.

I’m not sure why The Big Three didn’t get on the train about smaller, more fuel-efficient vee-hickles during any of the last gas crises but whatever. And I’m not even against large vee-hickles in general. If you have more than two kids these days, you can’t fit them into a 5-passenger vee-hickle with all of the safety contraptions that are required. And what about my friend Joyce, who drives her Cadillac a couple times a week to go a mile or two to the grokkery store or church or lunch with her son the prosecutor? Er, maybe not church, but, she is really not depleting our world of a huge amount of resources and she loves that vee-hickle. But people like me, who drive a LOT and don’t have people/things to schlep around should be driving smaller vee-hickles. And I am. Bully for me, I guess.

I am under the gun to post here because some people can’t seem to figger out why it’s so hard for me to post a blahg entry earlier than (what is it? 7:30 EDT?) when I work all day and then go to the grocery store and water plants and do laundry, etc. Sigh. It’s okay. How many husbands do you know who will spend their vacations at their mother-in-law’s cabin? Hmm?

And that pic is of a tick! It is a dog tick! As far as I know, it does not normally transmit disease. Deer ticks (Lyme Disease) are *much* smaller and you have to search for them on your body. These blasted dog ticks have a way of announcing their presence so you can pick them off. We did not have dog ticks until a couple years ago. Global warming? Yikes!! I don’t necessarily even want to have that conversation here.

5 Responses to “tick tick tick tick boooooooom”

  1. Gg Says:

    the dog tick is soaking in triple sec.

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    *correction*: It was a *silver* twuk with a flat tire and dead battery….. 2004 Ford (Found On Road – er, make that “Dealer’s Lot”-Dead) Ranger Ext. Cab FX4 with manual tranny. He had fun playing “dressup” with that twuk: took off the chrome bedrails, had Line-X installed, and I’m sure there’d’ve been MORE done to it if he hadn’t run out of energy and time….

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    Mmmmmmmmm! Marinated Dog Tick! Yummy!


  4. Maquis Says:

    I think I see a franchise opportunity here, how about, tick-iler her/his fancy?

  5. joanny Says:

    sounds a bit more edible than the worm at the bottom of any bottle……