Couple inches forward? Maybe?

It doesn’t feel like I got a lot done this weekend but I sort of did. We were home here at the Landfill and I mean, we were pretty much *home*, the whole time. Except for Friday evening downtown and a bit of urban hiking down by Barton Dam this morning to check on our birdhouses.

Yesterday, I think I talked myself down off the ledge about five times. The ledge being the ledge where I commandeer a Landfill vee-hickle, set the GPS for “Planet Ann Arbor Apple Store”, and hit GO. The GG has been hogging my loverly 4-year-old taped-together MacBook laptop to make mollified mooooovies for his North Country Trail buddies. Why? Well. We have computers that can write to CDs. We have computers that can write to floppy disks. We even have computers that can write to those old floppy disks, as you can see in the photooo. (You are lucky that yucky looking pipe and a few waarrrs are all you can see of the Landfill Dungeon.)

I have lost track of how many computers we own. Actually, I am starting to need two five-fingered hands to keep track of my own *personal* computers. The only computer either of us own that can write to a DVD is my loverly 4-year-old taped-together MacBook. The one that I keep thinking is on its last legs. Except that it seems to just keep humming along. Oh, it is slow and slodgy and I have been holding the dern thing together with mailing tape since it was about six months old. I’ve been thinking about replacing it since sometime last summer. But it keeps going, so…

Now the GG is needing a DVD drive. So he is using my laptop. And I am trying to figure out if I can live without a full-fledged laptop. I have an iPhone and an iPad. Well, I also have a Windows laptop for work (can’t ever remember which manufacturer) but I don’t use that for anything outside of work. I don’t need to. Because I have, you know, all my own stuff. We’ll see whether I buy or not… (I probably will, eventually…)

Oh yes! Inches forward? It seemed like I spent a lot of time slodging around this weekend. I mean, I did do laundry and pre-cooking (for the coming week, etc.). Also. I did. Fill. A garbage bag. With clothing I no longer wear. And made some other minor inroads into anti-hoarding. I didn’t do much but I didn’t slide backwards either. I have a lot of years left in me but I am going to simplify if it kills me. I will *not* leave the beach urchins with a bunch of crap to clean up.

Love y’all and slodge on,

One Response to “Couple inches forward? Maybe?”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Maybe that’s why the pharoahs were buried with so much stuff. It wasn’t actually that they’d need it in the afterlife, they just didn’t want to burden their descendents with it. LOL and love to you. (We won’t talk about my shambling mounds.)