Black as the ace of spades

Yes, the power came back on. Actually it came back on an hour or so after it went out. I know because my blue xmas tree lights came back on. The rain didn’t really stop until early in the morning, not too long before I got up. This was not a cyclonic storm. There weren’t continuous flashes of lightning for hours on end. Wind, rain, thunder, and black clouds. For hours. Like about a 2000-car freight train rolling through. Lots of branches down, large and small, including a cute little cherry tree that just about brought tears to my eyes. No really big trees though. Update: I take that back. Just not anywhere I walked this morning. Generators humming throughout the neighborhoods. Obviously not everybody has power back yet. And that is about all. All is quiet here. I am off to crank out a 150-page spec by the end of the day. Somehow. Amidst a flurry of last-minute changes.

2 Responses to “Black as the ace of spades”

  1. jane Says:

    I didn’t lose power last night, but my office did and it was still out this morning. they told us to go home and check back every hour for updates. I went in (VERY DARK) and got my laptop then went to IHOP with friends for breakfast. I should start working now becaseu I have a lot to get done. but a friend at breakfast pointed out that Wimbledon will be on so I’ll have one eye on that, one eye on the computer.

    there was a whole tree and half of another tree down near the office, and also a lamp post which was all twisted. lots and lots of wind last night. and rain. but banana already said that, didn’t she…

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    We had LOTS of rain, LOTS of lightning, LOTS of rumbly thunderbooms! Dogz did not get their walk last night because the skies opened up about 5 minutes before I could “clock out” of work. No power loss here, but enough Nervous Nern to make up for THAT 😀