Drop acid, not bombz. Sez Eyeore. A rather impatient Eyeore at that.

The photooo is for Le Marquis. Some people may call it the Lionel Bridge but it’ll always be the Drop Acid Not Bombz Bridge to me. ‘cept I think that the “Not Bombz” part of it has been grafittied over now.

Actually, Le Marquis figured into a terrible horrible no-good very bad “packing” dream I had last night. Something about him refusing to carry my red plaid suitcase. Does anybody else ever have packing dreams? This one was combined with a “traveling” dream. (There was a bathroom component to this dream too, as in trying to find a public toilet and only finding surreal totally bizarre non-working and/or non-private devices. I won’t go any further with that except to say that Le Marquis was not involved in that part of the dream.) Anyway, I really do own a red plaid suitcase. It’s an old fashioned one that I got when I was a little kid. I loved it dearly then but I haven’t used since I can’t remember when. I use an old LLBean duffle bag for land vee-hickle trips and a rolling thingy for what air travel I do. Maybe I can sell give away my red plaid suitcase at our garage sale?

And then there was the Plum Market this afternoon. Man oh man, what a zoo. People. All you Planet Ann Arbor progressives? Will you get a grip? You are bringing your own bags to the grokkery store. Can you not pack them yourselves too? I mean, I don’t expect people like The Commander to do that. I think that people should jump to do things for The Comm. And many of them do. But. I stood behind a healthy looking *much* younger woman than me and she seemed clueless, lolly-gagging around, fumbling with the credit card scanner. Yes, it is the cashier’s job to bag the grokkeries (if there is no bagger, and there wasn’t). But. All lines would move a lot faster if all of us able-bodied folks would bag their own grokkeries. Like I did. And [theoretically, at least] we’d all get outta there faster. Who knows. Maybe she had a debilitating headache? If I were prone to headaches, I’d’ve had one too with the screaming kid that could literally be heard all over the store. I can’t complain about that though. Been there, done that. :-/

Lotsa stuff going on [or not] in the next few days and maybe more. Who knows what I’ll have to say about any of it. Or not.

3 Responses to “Drop acid, not bombz. Sez Eyeore. A rather impatient Eyeore at that.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lots of stuff? I’m so curious…

  2. Sam Says:

    Bagging grokeries—I do that, too, and usually down here in the Deep South the cashier thanks me! JCB was joking with a cashier the other day, saying I alphabetized the goods as I loaded the bags. If he only knew…(haha).

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I have to add (as I just emailed to Sam) that I don’t alphabetize as I pack 😉 In fact, I can sometimes be a pretty clumsy bagger. Like yesterday. When I got home, the top had come off an expensive little container of guacamole and there was guac all over everything in my bag.