I’m going to the refrigerator!

Back in Da Yoop again. I really kind of wanted to stay on The Planet this weekend. I have work to do at my job. I would’ve rather worked in my loverly, dog-poopy cube today but I am managing to get something done up here. Not easy but I did slog through some stuff while the GG and the Comm were napping this afternoon.

And then I took a walk. You guys. I am trying to write this with The Commander talking and the GG kind of wah-wah-wahing. So it isn’t easy.

I walked all seven canal bridges in the beautiful city of Sault Ste. Siberia today. Fort, Ashmun, Bingham, Johnston, Spruce, Portage, aaannnddd, after a long walk, the other Portage bridge. I had a little trouble with the fact that I had to cross one of the Portage Street bridges twice. That absolutely threw my cute little streak of Asperger’s Syndrome (or whatever it is) into a major loop. Unfortunately, with an odd number of bridges over the canal, there’s no way to cross all of them on a walking loop without doing one of them twice. I somehow managed to talk myself down off that ledge and walked over the first Portage bridge twice.

Sigh. We were sitting in Penny’s Kitchen today having lunch. I didn’t know anybody there. I couldn’t help thinking about the days when we would have to drag two tables together to accommodate everybody. Radical Betty would be holding court and, at some point, Cam would declare, “I am going to the refrigerator!” And that means the bathroom, because the Penny’s Kitchen bathroom is as cold as ice. Do I miss those gals? I have no words.

Gorgeous today here. People were out walking and biking and working on cars in their driveways and, in one case, singing and playing guitar on the front steps. That guy got a thumbs up from me. For all I know, we may have attended high school together. But I didn’t recognize him.

Don’t let that big snowbank fool you tooooo much. It’s a leftover. It is pretty dern warm here today and I was HOT when I finally got back up here to the Comm’s house. There was talk about going to the grocery store for a few little items, so I sent the GG and The Comm to do that. While. I. took. a. shower.

2 Responses to “I’m going to the refrigerator!”

  1. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    The sun finally showed up in the great Northwet today. Had my cat sprawling tummy up in the warmest sunny spot she could find.
    I got to take a row with a couple good friends, first time on the water in a while. Could it be that spring is really coming?

    I can just picture those Octo lunches at Penny’s, and the gafaughing about the refrigerator. Glad to have been there with you sometimes. Your words do bring back that era to me. For me, the recollection opens my heart to feel the ongoing love, and embrace that piece of emptiness within me that misses those gals, and always will.

    Please give my love and hugs to all my beloved Yooper relations, and enjoy your time in the great white north!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It was our only day of spring here today and very lovely, although not hot. (close to 60 though!) How far do you walk anyway? It sounds like it must be 10 miles or so. 🙂 I really miss my maternal grandfather and both of my brothers. It’s hard to deal with how much things change.