The day Michigan melted

Yes. Wasn’t it just last week when I was kvetching about how to dress for a walk in a 52 degree heat wave? Tonight, I am standing here in the Landfill Chitchen wearing a tank top and shorts and feeling pretty dern awkward about it with my rather pasty white arms and hairy legs (yes). Because it is… Well, right now it is *down* around 76 or so. But that fuzzy photooo shows the temperature via the Ninja’s dashboard this afternoon, as we approached the Saginaw-Bay City area on the southbound I75 SUV Speedway. Yes. 81 degrees. If I forgot how to dress for 52 degrees, I certainly don’t know how to dress for 81!

Our day did not start out anywhere near 81 degrees. When I took my Sault Ste. Siberian walk early this morning, it was in the 30s and raining cats and dogs. After that, The Commander took us out for breakfast at our fave Frank’s and, after a little bit of a reconnaissance ride around some areas of town The Comm doesn’t usually see, we slodged around a bit more and then got on the road.

The GG was driving as we approached the Straits of Mackinac and I looked up from the Sunday NYT xword (on my phone) to see dense fog. Ghost Bridge! Onward down to the Houghton Lake Group Home, where we had spied an unfamilar red vee-hickle via the webcam. We peered at the vee-hickle and kibbitzed and kibbitzed. Who could that be… We are such old gossips! 😉 Oh, we knew it wasn’t some kind of interloper. We knew it was some family member’s vee-hickle that we didn’t recognize. After all, whoever it was managed to fix the webcam!

We took the old highways from Mackinaw City to Vanderbilt before we hit the Speedway again. Fog rolled in and out under a sky that tentatively promised sun and hot temperatures. The ice was melting on the all of the lakes in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula today. Houghton Lake is a *big* lake and when we got there, it was still around 50 degrees and it was foggy as all getout on Long Point. (The red vee-hickle there turned out to belong to The Beautiful Liz’s wonderful marital accomplice. We knew Liz’s car but didn’t recognize Randy’s.)

I am envious of Liz and Randy for being at HL today. Note to self: watch the HL webcam for ice out! Mr. Golden Sun seemed to be winning his battle with the lake ice at the time we left there today. If I had had my druthers, I would’ve decamped for the day at Houghton Lake with The Beautiful Liz. I would’ve dressed for the then 50-degree conditions, poured a glass of whine, grabbed a lawn chair, and sat down there all afternoon, watching the ice succumb to Mr. Golden Sun. Man oh man, that would’ve been fun.

Alas, we had to keep on bumpity-clunking down to The Planet Ann Arbor. I work tomorrow and so does the GG (thank you very much). Dressing for 80 degree temperatures? Well, lemme see. The predictions are for a low of 55 tonight and a *high* of 60 tomorrow. Back to typical April temperatures around here. It’ll probably snow on Mouse’s birthday.


2 Responses to “The day Michigan melted”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow–way warmer there than here, although it is 50s and low 60s with lows in te 30s and 40s. Still not capri weather. When will I ever get a pedicure??

  2. Sam Says:

    Dad said yesterday the MI weather went straight to summer….