Ain’t it awful.

When I drove to my office this morning, I could swear that the price of diesel at the gas station on the corner of State and Ellsworth was $4.10. I could be wrong. Maybe it was $4.20. It definitely started with “4”. When I drove past that gas station on my way home, it was up to $4.25. I don’t buy diesel but regular unleaded was not far behind, although it still began with a “3”. At $4.00 a gallon, I close my eyes, hold my nose, and pump gas whenever I need it. Not sure what I’ll do if it ever gets to $10. And there are many, many people who cannot even afford $4.00 gas.

<another-rant-sorry>Story on National Petroleum Radio about meth users. And their children. And grandchildren. Their neglected, hungry, filth-covered children. And grandchildren. Why does the GOP want to get rid of Planned Parenthood and its pregnancy prevention services again? Oh, not that this particular demographic segment is among the most likely to use Planned Parenthood’s services but maybe if it’s there, some of them actually will. Note that I am *not* saying that these particular children (or any child) should have been aborted. Not at all. But maybe if more women who are not capable of even *trying* to provide basic services for their children would use contraceptives, fewer children would be born into such horrific circumstances. I know that this is a very complicated problem. I know that most of these mothers love their children. But NPR was interviewing kids who had packed their bags, hoping that *somebody* would come and take them out of their home. I don’t know what the answer is. Does the GOP have a realistic comprehensive plan for taking care of these kids? I think that if we as taxpayers care about those children (and their mothers (and grandmothers!)), we cannot de-fund Planned Parenthood. In any case, it is a teensy tinesy bit of our national budget. P.S. I know that PP has not been de-funded. This go ’round, anyway. If I have to, I will be badgering my elected officials to try to make sure it *isn’t*.</another-rant-sorry>

When the GG got home tonight, well, after he futzed around looking at the new vee-hickle’s engine (maybe there was some divine intervention forcing him to do that, I’m not sure), he handed me a pair of binoculars and pointed me at an old dead tree back behind our shed. The shed that boys used to pee off of into the woods way back in the Jurassic Age when somebody else owned our house. There is a big hole up at the top of that old dead tree and guess what. There is a blasted Flicker nesting in there. I sure hope he pecks his own home instead of my metal chimney! Then again, I’m usually up, out, and about by the time any darn woodpecker gets up.

That is just about all…

Love y’all even if you don’t agree with my political opinions,
— KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I got gas a few days ago at Safeway for $3.71 and today it’s $3.84. Ack!! My SUV isn’t exactly a gas miser; thankfully I only drive about 7 minutes to work at 35 miles per hour. So, not far. As a teacher, I hear many hair raising stories of students’ lives; it’s very depressing what(and who) some of our children are living with.