Einstein working at the garbage dump

“Are you all right?” Thus asked MWCB when I met her at the Jackson Road Coney Island for breakfast this morning. Whereas MMCB (note that MWCB and MMCB are different people) and I have been meeting at Barry’s every Monday for *years* give or take the times when she or I are off gallivanting and we have to miss or switch the day (horrors!), MWCB and I rotate through three restaurants. And we take turns paying. That’s triplets vs. duplets and while I was always a pretty good whiz at playing triplets in one hand on the puano and duplets on the other hand, I cannot wrap my brain around our restaurant schedule and I have to ask MWCB every week: where are we this week and who’s paying? So, would-be stalkers of old bags, good luck.

I was fine this morning. But I was running late. Why? I dunno. Why is it that I am always ready to leave the house ahead of schedule and then I get to putzing around with something or other and all of a sudden I’m looking at the clock going “Oh my gawd! I’m gonna be late!”? And then, I got behind some aging hippy chick in a rusty old Subaru or something who was going about ten miles under the speed limit and, for the life of me, I couldn’t zipzap around her. I know, I know… She was probably just dealing with an aging stick shift. Anyway, I was fine, but, I was late, frustrated, and generally discombobulated. With unkempt hair (stop lights were not long enough for brushing) and a dazed look on my face.

I think this is the first day of my latest career that I just did not wanna go to work. It wasn’t for any particular reason. I mean, there have been times when I was apprehensive about going to work because I had to present something to a group of people. But that was last week. Today I just had about a gazillion picky little detail-type issues to deal with and although I like detail work, I wouldda rather been a vagabond today. I’ve been working every day since before New Year’s 2008 with only one day off, I guess it’s okay if I felt that way today. Roight? It’s okay. It was a quiet day and I got into that zen kind of a mood and got all of those little picky things done. I guess I am settling in to this career and I hope it continues to work out.

Oh, btw, the title is something Woodring said about a quadrillion years ago. It is *not* related to me and my career (I am still learning). And it is not related to the fact that my first high school boyfriend once told his very unworldly girlfriend (that would be me) that he had worked for Superior Sanitation the week before and it took his very unworldly girlfriend (that would be me) months to figure out that he had worked for the local garbage company.

Garbage Woman

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