Clone me, please!

For some reason, the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person did not think that was a particularly good idea when I talked to him on the phone this morning. I guess he doesn’t relish the idea of having two or three copies of me in my loverly, dog-poopy cube. Anyway, I had to rock-and-roll some stuff together for work today. Good thing I was 98% done with it and just waiting for a couple answers from *him* to finish it. Still took me most of the day.

I am exhausted tonight. For no particular reason. It was not a hard day down at the LTCRehab and I think The Comm is settling in a bit and making friends with both some of the staff and residents. Still, I feel guilty when I am not hanging around all the time. Why? I dunno. Other children visit but most of them don’t hang out down there for hours on end. Guilt. Guilt that one of these days I *will* be heading back down to the Planet Ann Arbor and will not be around every day. Even though she does not *want* me to stay here forever. Or move to the Planet, but I guess we’ve covered that one already. What will “they” think of me living five hours away?

Then there are the arrangements I need to make. That means I have to make phone calls. I *hate* making phone calls. I stammer and stutter and fumble my words. Then I get panicky when the person on the other end doesn’t understand me or tells me something I don’t totally understand and *then* I can’t find the words to ask the necessary questions. And then sometimes because I am such a nervous wreck, I *forget* important information. Come to think of it, a clone would not help with this. She would have the same stupid phobias and anxieties I have. Where’s the pushy sister I never had? Where is my fearless brother? I cannot procrastinate about this… Sigh.

It’s okay. I’m just tired. I need to get back into some kind of walking routine. Making a mad dash from the hospital to the bank or the post office through a deluge does not count.

So. It was a good day. But. Blah…

Good night,

P.S. Update The photo is from the Doelle end of the beach looking back toward shore. Very very very low water. Also the photo is from Monday. I have been putting in full-time work hours this week plus whatever else needs to be done and haven’t walked the beach since then. It was sunny and the color is also enhanced. Finally, glad to know someone else hates telephones as much as I do. It is a crippling problem sometimes. Why can’t everyone do business via email or I/M like we do at my job?

3 Responses to “Clone me, please!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yeah, being out of your normal routine can suck after a while. I am good with phone calls, but get stuck with them all the time because my husband isn’t. Get some rest and have a drink (or two), KW!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I can’t figure out the angle of the beach shot. I’m not sure if it’s because of the low water level, or possibly more water in the creek or what. I don’t envy your or your mom’s situation, but do envy your beach walks.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Wow, did you ever describe ME with your phone phobia. I soooo relate to that. *Ugh* Hate phones.