It is Sunday and I don’t have a whole lot to say for myself today. Worked from Squatter’s Paradise, in and out of the rehab, a walk down to the locks and then, out to the beach to walk and have a belated Easter dinner at Jeep and Pan’s.

Walk the beach? Yeah. Just *try* to walk the beach. I did manage to, somehow. When I got down to the end and turned around, well, you know, I was trying to walk *back*. The raging southwest wind had some different ideas. I persisted, slodging back along the beach through blowing sand toward the other end, where the wind dropped to almost nothing in the lee of the point.

There is actually something decent on the blasted boob tube tonight. I am reduced to watching one channel here. Why? Because the remote control device has got to be the most UN-user-friendly device I have ever used. Fortunately the thing is tuned to an old movie channel but some nights are better than others. Tonight? Nicholas Nickleby. Some old version of it. I read it once. I can remember the general arc of the story. Good boy perseveres through all manner of horrible circumstances to win in the end. Typical Dickens stuff. The details (except for Mr. Squeers, I could never forget that name) are largely lost to the cobwebbed areas of my brain.

What’s next? We wait. For discharge. For our number to come up at the new digs. With luck, those two things will not occur with too many days in between them. Wish us luck.

I am missing the Planet Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market and the spring flowers in my little woods (trillium & jack-in-the-pulpit) and my loverly, dog-poopy cube. And I will miss what has become our “Mother’s Day” trip to the warbler migration at Magee Marsh next weekend. That is all.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

P.S. Well, someone has “droven” in. And it is the mean old grunchie old grinch.

One Response to “Roulette”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are a very dedicated walker! And daughter! I hope you get your life back to normal-ish soon.