Brave New Worlds for Brave New Girls

Yes. The girls in the family(ies) I belong to are rocking it in every direction today. About the only rocking I personally managed to do was to remember to get the dern garbage out this morning. Oh yeah. There was also the time that I finally got taaarrred of waiting for the assisted living facility to call *me* with our status on the wait list (they were supposed to call today, I thought). I am telephonically challenged (as you know) but I screwed up my courage and called *them*. I waited a while longer for a return call and, well, we are number five. I am hoping it goes quickly. I am told it usually does. But with my luck…

Anyway, I visited the facility on my way back to Squatter’s Paradise and I am more than convinced that it will happen *and* it will be the right place to establish Command Central in the future (although The Comm and Mona are certainly rocking the long term care). For one thing… I was standing at the desk at Freighter View waiting for the manager to come out and talk to me when a woman with a very familiar face came wheeling along in a motorized chair. Mrs. B. Mrs. B was the moom of one of my best friends throughout my childhood. I’m not going to go into all of those memories now but I will say that one of the reasons her daughter and I were good friends is because The Commander and Mrs. B were already good friends before we were born. Mrs. B did not drive back in those days and, more often than not, The Commander would drive me and her daughter wherever it was we needed to go. Mrs. B eventually learned how to drive after her husband died. Neither one of those women drive any more. Mrs. B has been joshing The Comm about moving down to Freighter View for a number of years. This year, the answer is “yes”. I am wondering what the gossip at dinner was like tonight [insert devilish grin here].

What else? How is KW doing? Well. She has been able to telecommute to work quite successfully but she misses her loverly old dog-poopy cube. She often gets taaarrrred about the continuous loop of parking down at the horspittle, taking the elevator to the long-term care and whatever. It isn’t hard to do, it’s just sort of like, “Oh, I am here again. What will I find?” KW cheerfully greets everyone she meets there, whether they know who the heck she is or not. She has found an absolutely wonderful support system up here in the Great Not-so-white North. In some ways, she misses her significant other but she also values the autonomy that squatting here at the Squatter’s Paradise affords (and the GG will be here Thursday anyway). KW can see through to the next stage. Which is a new Command Center with satellites up here at the Squatter’s Paradise and, of course, at the moominbeach. We will get there sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

Not sure if that last paragraph made sense. We are moving forward. That is about all. I love all of you and I thank all of you for supporting my vision for the next phase of Command Central.

2 Responses to “Brave New Worlds for Brave New Girls”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the way you write about this Command Central and your obvious fondness for so many aspects of your life, including your work cubicle. 😉 I think I’ll call you General KW from now on.

  2. isa Says:

    Oooooh “General KW” is GOOD!