Yes, we have no enchiladas

Actually, we do have enchiladas but we haven’t actually managed to do our little dinner party yet. I won’t even try to describe today except to say that we did a *lot* and, when I finally got around to calling The Beautiful Jan (our main guest, although the Grinchie needs to show up too) at around two this afternoon, I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I described to her what we had done so far. We were tootling around at the “Spring Show” by then and Jan said something like, “The Commander might need a nap don’t you think?” Well… How now… The Commander did *not* need a nap, thank you very much! [Or so she said when I tentatively made such a suggestion…] But KW realized she herself was about to drop in her tracks. Two o’clock is a familiar time for KW. It is about the time she tends to start nodding off in her loverly, dog-poopy cubicle. If you hear a thud, that is KW falling out of her chair.

At any rate, it was rainy and cold all morning and that did not bode well for the weather out at the moomincabin. “We” (aka, the GG) have turned on the water and lucky-shucky for the summer and since we now have the garage that I once complained about (what was I thinking?), we don’t have to schlep kayaks and sailboats and things outta the cabin any more. But the the place isn’t really summer-ready quiiiite yet and I was worried about whether we could get it warm enough to be comfortable eating dinner there. So, KW made the executive decision that enchiladas would happen tomorrow instead and the Beautiful Jan *graciously* agreed to that plan, even though I’m sure she thinks yer fav-o-rite blahgger is nuts! Just because I am living moment to moment doesn’t mean everybody else has to! Anyway, I usually get a whiff of a second wind a little later, around the cocktail hour, don’tcha know. And I did. But honestly, you do not want the paint-drying details of my day so I won’t disclose them.

Aaaannndd… Happy Mother’s Day to me! (Hey, every day is Mother’s Day!) The GG is down there on The Planet Ann Arbor and he filled my ugly plastic pots with multi-colored Impatiens today. He even texted me to ask what kind of fleurs I wanted in there. Thank you very much! Love you, old boy!

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  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Hey, watch it with that “old boy” shit.