Hey, did you know you have a banana in your tree?

The Beautiful Connie asked me that this morning as she tidied up after my slovenly housekeeping behavior here at the Squatter’s Paradise. How one medium-sized person with a minimal amount of stuff can make such a mess, I do not know. And I do not even flake drywall dust all over everything. Anyway. No, I did not know there was a banana in my tree. But for days now, I admit that I’ve been looking out the window wondering exactly what that banana-shaped object hanging in the tree was. Finally. When I got home this evening, I went out there to check and, yaknow what? It is a banana. Actually it is *two* very old bananas. How did they get there? I do not know.

It’s been a rather interesting day in general although I am not jumping up and down screaming with excitement and I bet y’all can guess why. It was the Monday lunch gathering at Kenny’s Pitchen, so I walked with The Commander from the LTC over to KP. Since we seemed to be on a roll, I asked if she felt up to walking the couple blocks to the post office. Well, yes! And so, we did. And then back to the LTC. A more or less triangular walk and arguably the longest one she has taken yet.

The Comm and I both worked from the LTC Solarium this afternoon. I was telecommuting to my job and The Comm was writing checks and sorting paperwork. An alarm went off!!! The Trickster had “escaped” outdoors to the terrace. I won’t try to describe The Trickster but he is one of my favorites. A bit later, after the hubbub died down, the reason for his escape became clear as a flock of seagulls descended! The Trickster had placed a container of popcorn out on the terrace! Alas. A nice, beautiful young female administrator type came along and removed the popcorn from the terrace. “The birds will poop.” Roight. I understood but I loved the look on The Trickster’s face as he watched all those birds wheel around to eat his popcorn. (Actually, I think Sault Ste. Siberia has a city ordinance against feeding wild birds. Clarification: Geese and something else, can’t remember what the sign said but possibly seagulls, since they can be a nuisance around here. Not songbirds and things.)

I didn’t get the coveted call from FV today but I did get a call from RJ in the late afternoon and after that I packed up my work laptop for the day. As I surveyed my work area to make sure I hadn’t left anything, I saw one of Mooma’s dolls in the wastebasket. She had been working with that doll earlier and I can only guess that she had been trying to give it a bath. And one of her shoes was on the table. I picked up her baby and her shoe and put them on her bed before I left The Commander for the night. Mooma is another of my faves.

Walked the freezing cold beach tonight and took an extra long-cut home. Feeling okay today except for the tenterhooks. Trying to think *through* to the next reality (which I think will be really good) and string along through this interim reality.

Good night. I hope you do not have bananas in your tree. Unless, of course, you have a banana tree!

2 Responses to “Hey, did you know you have a banana in your tree?”

  1. Pooh Says:

    What’s the statute of limitations on that city ordinance about feeding wild birds? I remember when Dan was about 5 and he lost half his Clyde-burger to a seagull that stole it right out of his hand while he was walking around declaiming about something. LOL

  2. kayak woman Says:

    As I clarified, I didn’t mean that you can’t put out birdseed in a feeder or whatever. The sign I saw mentioned geese and I can’t remember what else but seagulls would be my guess, since they are aggressive about stealing food.