We had a big time seiche today. Usually there is a lot of water between meeee and where Dogmomster took the photoooo today. Dogmomster and I were sitting on the beach. We were the only people on the beach. We saw a couple of little sandbars form close to shore. The water is low this year and we just thought it was the same old same old. Except that it felt like a seiche to me. The water kept going out and out and more sand was exposed and then, Dogmomster and I walked down toward the Attie end of the beach and The Beautiful Jan came back home from taking up the garbage and she saw us walking out there at the edge of the universe, so she hailed us.

The seiche has ended. And so goodnight.

I am sill on the Edge network. Love you all. –KW


One Response to “Seiche”

  1. l4827 Says:

    You sure lucky with the weather UPthere, we just got back from UPthere — the temp here is 77 with high humidity at 10:40. We just missed the seiche. We had a wonderful weekend UPthere — as always. Nice escape. Including a Friday night Cozy little fish fry …….